Video of F!ght: Mommy Club reality TV show star, Nozipho Ntshangase dumps by Husband and goes for a 2nd Wife after Raising 8 kids

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The Mommy Club star Nozipho Ntshangase’s husband, Zola Ntshangase, has become popular when an unexpected video emerged showing them fighting angrily in front of the kids. This comes after it has emerged that the husband, Zola has gone in for a 2nd wife.


Nozipho who is a mother of eight, revealed on the show that she was having some difficulties in her 16-year marriage but did not elaborate on the details.


An enraged Zola can be seen in the video demanding the car keys from Nozipho, who insisted that she needed to use the car to get the kids to school—a hint that the violent altercation happened on a school morning.





Due to Nozipho’s strong denials, there was a heated disagreement that turned into an aggressive tirade that involved their children as well as Nozipho.




Mommy’s Club Star Nozipho, is a trending topic in SA, after her husband dumped her, on a video that went viral on all Social media platforms…


Nozipho Ntshangase, star of the reality TV program “The Mommy Club,” is trending on the internet as a result of a film that was posted online and revealed what happens in her home behind closed doors.



The video, which is making the rounds on social media, shows Nozipho’s husband Zola fighting to get his car keys back. Nozipho says she needs to take the kids to school, therefore she won’t give them to him.


“You guys are holding me captive; I need my car keys so I can get away.” Are you guys up for a fight at my house? Are you attempting to instruct me? stated in the video, Zola.





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