Screenshot: Millicent Makhado, popularly known as Agness from Muvhango reveals how she found out that her husband has fathered a child with another woman.

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Millicent Makhado, popularly known as Agness from Muvhango, has shared that she found out that her husband has fathered a child with another woman. This, she says happened while she was hoping to have more kids in her marriage.


Millicent Makhado, a former Muvhango actress best known for playing Agnes Mukwevho, said on Facebook that her spouse had a hidden kid behind her back. Despite being a strong lady, the former Muvhango actress said that she is unable to face this issue on her own. She doesn’t want to hurt the other woman in this circumstance.


She took to her Facebook page and posted;







Speaking positively of her husband’s mistress, a medical doctor, Milicent described her as a wonderful lady 
deserving of love and support. “The Almighty knew I would require a sympathetic ear today.
Even though this was the worst day of my life, he made sure I wasn’t alone. “I am unsure of the outcome if I had been by myself,”


She’s not blaiming the other lady;


She said that since it takes two to tango, the other women were not at blame. Although Milicent claims to be powerful in general, she was defeated by this circumstance.


“Yes, I am really powerful, but so is the other woman. I also speak for the woman who is a party to this dispute. She is a remarkable woman who is not deserving of this suffering. She gave birth to a lovely, helpless child who is in need of both parents as well as all of our love and support.”


She went on to say she wished to rectify the misconception of placing the blame on the other lady by using her position. “I can’t kill another lady and die by myself. The days of battling other women for a man are long gone, she said. She also made a suggestion that if her husband had intended a polygamous marriage, he should have told her and the other women straight.


She and her husband had a son together. “If he wants us both, he must be honest and allow women to agree or disagree then make a decision after that,” When contacted for comment, she stated that she was not yet prepared for interviews. “Can you please allow me to heal first,” she said.

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