Video: Liema leaves #BBMzansi Reality show after accepting 250k rands to quit the Show; Here’s everything that happened

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Viewers of Big Brother Mzansi are saddened by Liema’s exit from the program, a potential winner. On Monday, March 18, Liema, a reality TV personality, became the fourteenth housemate to be sent out. She had two options: accept R250k and get out of the house right away, or stay in the game and compete for R2 million.


The 22-year-old student made the decision to hit the buzzer, collect the R250 000 check, and leave the performance.





Liema wasted efforts of her fans for weeks and the efforts of thousands that had sleepless nights this season after accepting 250k from Big Brother, on the condition of leaving the show if she takes the money.


In less than 13days. Liema would have been victorious by probably winning this season’s #BBmzansi show, but Liema doubted herself, and took the R250k from Big Brother, and has exited the show.


Here’s the Video of how it all happened;



Taking the R250 000 was going to be a sound decision especially for a “weak” housemate. In this case, it hurts that Liema chose the money when chances of her winning the grand prize were high. Anyway it’s comforting that she left with something (at the very least)




While some said she did them wrong since they had been supporting her and cheering for her to win the R2 million, other fans and supporters rushed to X (the app that was once known as Twitter) to voice their opinions. Others supported her, arguing that anything might have occurred in those two weeks and she made the correct decision.




People were laughing at Lerato last week. Next thing, Yolanda gets disqualified… now Liema takes 250k and is evicted from the game. All of this happened in a space of 7 days.





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