Why Did Jidion Get Banned From Twitch

Why Did Jidion Get Banned From Twitch: This week saw the largest controversy on Twitch so far this year, involving not only Pokimane, one of its top female streamers, but also Ninja to a lesser extent. Since Pokimane was the focus of this hate raid because of a personal grudge, which has unfortunately been a major source of drama on the platform lately, the outcome may indicate that Twitch took this incident seriously and intends to continue the trend going forward.

JiDion, a Twitch streamer, was permanently suspended from producing content on the site between the conclusion of last week and the start of this one after sending his followers to harass Pokimane’s stream. Fortunately, Twitch intervened and permanently suspended JiDion’s account after a 14-day suspension.

If what Pokimane reports is true, then JiDion’s behavior was right to be promptly shut down, and perhaps this sends a lesson to those that attempt to harass women on Twitch, which is all too common.

JiDion has made it abundantly plain in numerous videos that he dislikes Pokimane, and he has openly admitted as much. In a tweet from January 13, he asserts that his loathing of Pokimane is motivated by “her as a person,” not by the fact that she is a woman, and that this justifies inciting his followers to hate on her. He instructed his viewers to write “L + ratio” in her chat while watching Poki’s Valorant stream live during his own session. He encouraged his viewers to follow her when she went into follower-only mode in order to continue the spam. While she “can deal with this,” she responded by cutting off the stream early because she didn’t want her viewers to go through the same abuse.

JiDion’s attitude toward Pokimane has been misogyny-fueled antagonism that extends beyond the “L + ratio” hate campaign on Twitch, despite his claims that his hatred has nothing to do with her gender. It’s vital to keep in mind the influence that well-known online figures like Twitch broadcasters and YouTubers can have on their viewers as Pokimane highlighted a list of acts and language that JiDion has previously used.

Why Did Jidion Get Banned From Twitch

As shown below, JiDion made sexist remarks in which she implied that her fans only watched her because they were drawn to her sexually. Additionally, he initiated hate crimes on other social media sites like Instagram and bombarded all of her accounts with “insults” and “threats,”

JiDion tried to enlist the help of several other prominent male Twitch streamers after receiving his penalty, including Adin Ross and Ninja. He lied about what he encouraged his followers to do and said to Ross over the phone, “You’re either with us or against us.” In response to his request for Ninja to assist in lifting his permanent ban, Ninja pretended to text his Twitch representative. Pokimane was forced to keep quiet by Ninja’s crew after she publicly discussed the latter incident and was threatened with legal action.


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