Why Did Halsey Quit Her Record Company, Capitol Records?

Halsey has taken a significant step forward in her career by leaving Capitol Records, her longtime company. The action was taken almost a year after she publicly lobbied the label to release one of her songs, which she eventually persuaded them to do.

According to the statement from Capitol Records, Halsey’s departure raised concerns for the longtime singer’s supporters.

What Caused Halsey to Quit Her Label?

Halsey’s team informed Billboard that the magazine had officially informed them that the “If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power” singer had left their roster of artists.

In a statement to the outlet, a Halsey representative stated, “After eight fantastic years, the choice to leave Capitol is sad, but we are pleased to explore a new partnership and share new songs with fans.”

Although the message appeared to be quite simple and direct, the way she described leaving could have revealed something. Fans were curious about the “bittersweet” conclusion Halsey and Capitol reached after being dubbed as “bittersweet.”

On the other hand, Capitol Records was open and upbeat about Halsey’s career, saying that they had “poured” their hearts and souls into assisting the singer in realizing her goals and ensuring that her music was heard by people all over the world.

We wish Halsey the best of luck in all of their future ventures and are tremendously pleased of what we were able to accomplish together, they added.

It is unknown at this time if she left due to a previous dispute, her contract having just expired, or termination.


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