Who is Janet Jones married to?

Janet Jones has had a respectable acting career for decades and hasn’t given it up yet, she is also an active actress at 61 years old.

She established herself as a great actress and rose to fame in the process, but despite her acting career, she is just as, or perhaps more, famous for being the amazing hockey player and wife of Wayne Gretzky.

Wayne Gretzky was a legendary ice hockey player who is now retired and has worked at various companies.

On the other hand, Jones was an actress at the time of her marriage and remains so to this day.

Janet Jones and Wayne Gretzky

In the mid-80s, Janet and Wayne first met on the set of Dance Fever. At the time, Wayne was a judge while Janet was one of the dancers.

The two met often but did not initiate a date as the two were seeing someone else at the time.

Wayne was in a relationship with his longtime girlfriend Vicki Moss and Janet was dating a tennis star named Vitas Gerulaitis.

It wasn’t until 1987, when they met at a Los Angeles Lakers basketball game, that they began to develop feelings for each other.

The couple went out to dinner with friends that night. Janet explained that since then they have never separated.

The following year, 1988, Janet and Wayne got married when Janet was four months pregnant. Sources say the pregnancy was accidental.

Janet wore a $30,000 dress studded with 30,000 hand-sewn crystals and pearls, while Wayne wore a classic black suit paired with a matching tie.

The wedding took place at St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Edmonton and was broadcast live across Canada.

Janet and Wayne’s wedding was treated as a royal wedding by the media; Many high profile dignitaries were invited to the wedding, including politicians, athletes and movie stars.


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