Who is Emme Maribel Muñiz? Jennifer Lopez Daughter

Jennifer Lopez found her mini-star in the form of daughter Emme, who made a surprise appearance with her mom during the Super Bowl LIV halftime show on Sunday (February 2).
The duo led a children’s choir for a fun rendition of Lopez’s 1999 hit “Let’s Get Loud,” and the high-energy performance makes us believe that Emme really got a good dose of the entertainment gene from her musical parents, J.Lo and Marc Anthony .
In honor of Emme’s big Super Bowl moment, we’ve rounded up five things to know about the future superstar.

The origin of Emme’s name has been disputed

Before Emme Maribel Muniz was introduced to the world in 2008, the name Emme was almost unknown and mostly used as a nickname rather than a given name. According to Berry Names, the nickname is an “American name” that has a “universal” meaning, but not everyone agrees.
The pregnancy and parenting website Bounty reports that Emme is actually of German origin and that the name is “a variant of the name Erma, which is a short form of any of the various names containing the element ‘erm’ or ‘irm’, meaning “strength”. ‘” The website goes on to state that Emme “may also be a pet or a short form of the name Emmeline.”
However, everyone can agree that before Lopez named her daughter Emma,​​​​the biggest celebrity to use the name was American model Melissa Owens Miller (pictured left). Better known as Emma, ​​​​the “Fashion Emergency” host was named to People magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People list in 1994 and 1999.

J. Law’s daughter was singing before she could talk

According to her loving parents, Emma was born to sing. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight in May 2019, Jennifer Lopez recalled how young her daughter was when she first caught the singing bug. “It’s natural. Emma always knew how to sing,” Mom was proud.

Emme at the Super Bowl

“I remember when he was in his crib when he was a baby, he was humming, like, really humming to himself.” JLo said that Emma’s dad wasn’t surprised at all. “And Marc [Anthony] was like, ‘He’s singing, he’s enjoying it, it’s good for his soul and body,’ because he is.” I asked, “Do you think he sings?” And he said, “Yes, yes.” And he was right…”
Regarding the appearance of Emma who has grown up and can sing a full song, Lopez did not hesitate to give credit to her ex-husband. “He has his father’s voice,” he declared. – He’s great.

At the age of 10, Emma Maribel Muniz wrote a book

Jennifer Lopez’s entrepreneurial spirit seems to rub off on her daughter, who held her first business meeting at age 10. That’s right: he’s not just hanging out with his mom—it’s his date.
It turns out, Emme not only likes music, but also tells stories. So much so that she wrote her own children’s book called “Lord Help Me!”, and in June 2018, J.Lo’s daughter met with the publisher to pitch her idea. Lopez took to Instagram Stories (via People) to share Emma’s impressive feat, uploading a photo of her toddler hugging the binder, which showed off the potential book cover. “This is a very special day. Emma and I are going to our first publisher meeting to discuss an idea Emma has for a book. We are very happy – we have three meetings today,” said Lopez.
Even more impressive is the fact that Emme enlisted renowned Spanish children’s book illustrator Ana Martín-Laranago to produce the images, including a cover featuring a young girl (who looks like her) smiling up at the sky and praying.

JLo’s daughter understands the harsh realities of show business

Emma Maribel Muniz clearly has a passion for singing, so Jennifer Lopez is already preparing her for the harsh reality of show business, telling Entertainment Tonight that she is ready to give her daughter “as much advice and guidance as I can.” The A-list lifestyle comes with many challenges. It’s very thoughtful and you’re really putting yourself out there in a way,” JLo said. And now, in the age of social media, where people can be so mean and mean sometimes, I don’t want him to expose himself more than he does. They are not on social media yet. Lopez was also quick to offer some interesting pep talks. On the night of their duet, he told Emma: “I’m so proud of you. Even if you don’t come out, I will be very proud of you. But for what? All you have. It’s true.”
This mother’s approach seems to work. Not only did Emma have the guts to slay a live performance, but she also landed a starring role in one of her mom’s music videos. “When he wanted to do the ‘Limitless’ video, I was very, very careful to let him do it,” Lopez told Entertainment Tonight. But he said, “Please, mother, don’t choose another girl.” Choose me. I can do it.’ And he did. He was amazing.
Source: www.emmacitizen.com