WhatsApp: The Trick To Hide Your Last Connection Time To A Contact

The WhatsApp application allows you to know the last connection time of your contacts. Thanks to a recent update of the platform, it is now possible to hide this information from people of our choice. Discover the trick to make your WhatsApp account more private.

On WhatsApp, it is now possible to hide your last connection time from some of your contacts. This new feature, available with a recent update, is part of the online messaging platform’s desire to better protect its users and allow them to make their accounts more confidential.

Discover the trick to hide his last connection time to a WhatsApp contact.

How to hide your connection time on WhatsApp?

Hiding your last connection time on WhatsApp allows you to maintain a minimum of privacy and confidentiality about your use of the application. To activate this feature, it’s easy! All you have to do is log in to your WhatsApp account and click on “more options”. Then enter the settings for Android users or settings for iOs people. Select “Account”, then “privacy”.

Finally, click on the “online” option to determine who may or may not have access to your last online time on the WhatsApp application. The “my contacts except” feature allow you to exclude the contacts of your choice from your entire list of numbers. Be aware that if a contact no longer has access to this information, you will no longer see their last connection time either. In the same menu, you can also opt for “no one” and thus choose to hide your information from everyone.

WhatsApp’s new features

Still, in the privacy tab of your WhatsApp application, you can also decide to hide your profile picture or your status from all or some of your contacts. In the “Read Receipt” feature, the platform allows you to hide the read receipt of messages. Thus, your contacts have no way of knowing whether or not you have read the messages received.


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