Love By The Rules: What To Do If The Passion Is Gone?

what to do if the passion is gone

Working tips on how to get your partner’s sex drive back.

When the passion disappears in a relationship, the couple experiences one of the first serious crises: both have to wonder why the previous fire is not there in the relationship because the feelings for the partner have not cooled, but there is some change in the general feeling.

The relationship between a man and a woman inevitably goes through several stages of evolution, one of which the emotional intensity in the intimate life of the partners noticeably decreases. Fortunately, this is not the end: the extinguished flame can be rekindled. How to achieve this?

Final analysis

Before you expose the relationship to a serious shake-up, it would be nice to analyze your life together and remember at what point the first alarming signs appeared when you started to lose interest in each other in bed. Routine everyday life, monotony in sex, old complaints, or banal fatigue – remember when you started to avoid intimacy, referring to the notorious migraine or lower back pain… Suddenly intimate relations cool down for some specific reason.

It is worth discussing it and everything can return to its previous track. Talk to each other more often, and remember why you fell in love with your partner. Remind him, and remind yourself of this. And don’t forget to ask why he fell in love with you.

Changing the script

As you know, sex should be not only regular but also varied. To freshen up a relationship, sometimes it is enough to change the environment, come up with a game scenario or something extreme (which you will both like, so it is important to discuss it and reach a solution together). By the way, to revive the passion, it is not necessary to rent an apartment in a luxury hotel: you can change the interior of your own bedroom a little to make it more romantic. But most importantly, don’t forget to spend time alone. At least once a month!

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Psychologists say that the desired must be visualized – then it will surely become a reality. Remember your previous emotions towards your partner, think about him, some significant moments, actions, and words for you before your sex life becomes boring. Try to act like you used to, look sexier, and wear a perfume that he always liked or loved. Recreate your first date or romantic trip – soak in those memories and the convincing imitation game will soon pay off.

Breaking stereotypes

When a relationship goes cold, the best and first thing to do is to give up your old habits. In terms of sexual relations, conservatism is unacceptable. Allow yourself to go beyond the usual limits, experiment, and realize your wildest fantasies – even such trifles as background music, a new pose or sex toys can create miracles in your intimate life.

The main thing is not to scare your partner in the pursuit of novelty and not to forget that passion in a relationship is a roller coaster: there will always be ups and downs. You just don’t have to sit and wait for a new stage, but create it – only then the “honeymoon” will last forever.

Psychologists also say that planned sex, oddly enough, helps build relationships. When you spend a whole day thinking about and anticipating the evening, passion cannot help but be ignited.



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