What is the number 1 movie on Netflix?

Back to school has already begun, but true movie and series fans who subscribe to Netflix always find time to sit on their sofa to watch a new program. And the least we can say is that young and old alike will find their account there since the streaming platform has added, in this month of September, many little nuggets suitable for all ages.

Whether it’s the French comic series Détox or the film Connasse, princesse des cœurs with Camille Cottin , which will allow mums to decompress, season 3 of Kingdom , for dads looking to escape, or even Barbie and the secret of the mermaids, for children, there is plenty of choice to make everyone agree…

What is the most-watched movie on Netflix (week of September 5-11)?

www.emmacitizen.com offers you to find out more about the films that are currently the most successful on Netflix, to help you choose what to watch as a family, after school and work, as a couple or alone… This week, it is the thriller I Came By which takes first place among the most watched films on the streaming platform.
“I’ve been there”, in other words “I came by”: this is what a young graffiti artist, played by George McKay, strives to write on the walls of London, night after night in the thriller of the same name released August 31 on Netflix. The graffiti artist mainly ventures into the beautiful districts of London’s elite. But one evening, he comes across the house of judge Hector Blake, camped by Hugh Bonneville.

Two novelties in the top 10 Netflix of the week

Among the other films that make up the top 10, there are also two new releases: Under the influence , with Camille Rowe and Sofiane Zermani (also known by his rapper pseudonym Fianso) and End Of The Road with Queen Latifah and Ludacris. In Under the influence, Roxanna (Camille Rowe), a student, discovers a passion for this discipline after meeting the athlete with whom she immediately falls in love.
The romance between them is gradually turning into a toxic relationship due to the hateful character (to put it mildly) of Sofiane Zermani’s character. In a much lighter register, End Of The Road follows the adventures of a black family who moves from California to New Mexico. On their way, they will find themselves in the middle of Arizona, face to face with small strikes, rednecks and policemen not really there to maintain order. A very hectic B series action thriller that has not necessarily won unanimous support among Netflix subscribers , despite its good start (the film is currently number 1 in the world).

What movies to watch on Netflix right now?

1. I Came By
2. School life
3. Under the influence
4. Love in the Villa
5. Trespass
6. Love Between Adults
7. Me Time: Alone at last?
8. End of the Road
9. Under his thumb
10. Red Dragon

Source: www.emmacitizen.com