Newsmax Heather Childers

Newsmax Heather Childers: Former Fox News personality Heather Childers has drawn viewers to Newsmax since she joined the conservative media platform in 2020. But she was MIA recently on American Agenda with Bob Sellers. It led to many questions on social media, with most asking what happened to Heather Childers. After her sudden exit from Fox News, her absence from Newsmax TV raised concerns among supporters. But sources close to this anchor revealed that it’s not all bad news behind Childer’s absence.

Heather Childers is leaving Newsmax

Heather Childers began her career working at various television news stations in North Carolina and Georgia before being hired as a reporter at Fox News Channel in 2010. The University of North Carolina at Charlotte alum rose to national prominence as host of Fox’s primetime & Friends 2017.

She sparked controversy in the early phase of the Covid-19 pandemic when she showed up to work while visibly ill. She revealed her negative Covid-19 tests on social media and repeatedly made public appeals to return to work.

A Fox News spokesperson announced in July 2020 that the network and Childers had “parted ways”. Later in November, she announced her new job at Newsmax TV, co-hosting The American Agenda with Bob Sellers.

However, she has been absent from the network recently. That led to questions about what happened to Heather Childers and speculation that she had been fired from Newsmax.

Some sources close to Childers revealed the reason behind her absence. And it has to do with her longtime friend, Tom Zban.

Tom Zban is a radiologist in Charlotte, North Carolina. They are low-key about their relationship on social media, but Childers has shared glimpses of him on her official social media pages.

In March, Childers announced her engagement to Zban via Instagram. She has not revealed any wedding details so far.

In April, a Twitter user said Childers was leaving Newsmax to get married. Childers responded to this tweet with a thank you and confirmed the news.

Some missed the tweet then. A few others who caught up wished Heather Childers the best of luck on her newlywed journey and hope she returns to the show soon.

In addition to her career at Fox, Childers also co-hosted a morning show for 2 years on Bounce TV. Her first book titled ‘The Kind Worth Killing’ which talks about the dangers of being kind was released in 2017.