Best Ways to Prep Your Home for Sale, According to Home Staging Experts

Ways to Prep Your Home for Sale

Getting your home ready for sale requires more than just cleaning. Staging a home is about helping potential buyers imagine living in your home. You might think it’s all about the overall look, like painting and repairs, but furniture placement, bedroom layout, and even patio decor can all affect a buyer’s perception of the space. To help buyers imagine life in their new homes, Home Stager has developed a proven strategy to create distinct palettes with versatile and customizable designs.

Ways to Prep Your Home for Sale

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Below, veteran stage designer Nikki Watson, founder of The Design Quad, and her Staged Above owner, Shari Casanova, before the homeowner puts up her For Sale sign. We share her 7 styling tips to try.

1. Depersonalize your home

Strange as it may seem, experts say removing personal items from your home is the first step. Family photos, wedding photos, and children’s artwork can be difficult to remove, but they are worth it. A person looking at this house has to imagine being there with their own mementos, not those of the previous owner.

Ms. Casanova also said, “People are more interested and focused on who lives in their homes than they are in them.”, gives advice on how people can best relate to their homes. You will be able to focus on yourself. “Hide all your recipes so they don’t know your name,” she recalls. But don’t try to mask the smell. “Plugins just make people suspect that they’re hiding something,” she says.

2. Paint Touch Ups

“Paint is money in a can,” says Casanova. Applying a fresh coat of paint to the interior walls is a simple step that homeowners can take to make their homes more appealing. In most cases, a professional paint job is much better than a do-it-yourself job, especially when it comes to details around trim, outlets, and corners. Buyers have their own preferences, so if you want to touch up the paint, be sure to do so.

And before you invest in a new paint job, be aware of current trends. “You don’t see gray anymore,” says Casanova. So if you choose a neutral tone, choose a more modern, warm neutral, such as B. Soft white.

If you don’t have the time and money to repaint your entire house, focus on the rooms that would benefit the most from a repaint. The living room, kitchen, and master bedroom are important. Or, focus on rooms with old, peeling, or dirty paint. Even a completed basement may need maintenance if you plan to sell the area as more living space.

3. Improve flow in room

“My number one tip is to remove any room furniture that’s impeding flow,” says Watson, who focuses on housing in the Dallas and Atlanta areas. “Furniture that is too big for the room or that goes outside the door needs to be moved to a better place or removed from the room.

Watson says it’s important to give a space a purpose and help buyers envision furniture in the space. By strategically placing your furniture along these lines, you can expand your living space and imagine what it would look like if you put your own furniture in its place. A home stager can help you declutter your furniture and decide if it’s best to rent simpler, elegant items just for pre-sale display.

4. Add white towels.

Accent items and neutral decor are affordable additions that are very attractive to potential buyers. Watson says: “White towels are a must in the bathroom!” The kitchen and bathroom are what sell the house, and the more spa-like your bathroom looks, the more appealing it will be to potential buyers. ” Roll your towels into a basket and place them on the counter or even over the tub to give your bathroom a luxurious feel. Towels don’t need designer labels. It just needs to be fresh and fluffy. This small act feels luxurious, and the luxury is sold.

5. Use Warm Light

Lighting is usually an important consideration for shoppers. Buyers will wonder how much light their home receives, whether it’s natural light from windows or light from fixtures. Immediately focus on the lighting and answer the question before it is asked. “Avoid ‘daylight’ light bulbs,” recommends Casanova.

Casanova recommends using warm-white light bulbs throughout the home instead. The hue and brightness should be the same throughout the house unless you’re adding spotlights to your basement, attic, or outdoor areas.

6. Reduction to 60% Occupancy

Living at home during screenings can be a disaster. Storing items in closets, closets, and pantries is difficult because buyers are likely still inspecting these areas. Watson not only replaces all open baskets with lids and all storage containers with drawers but also adds a golden rule. “All cabinets, including closets, should be 60% full and 40% empty so shoppers know there’s still room for their stuff,” she says.

A live-in seller may need to start work as soon as possible, so Watson suggests “get out of the house as soon as possible.” This includes games and snacks for children along the way. She also says you should have a special place to store toys and clothes that might be on the floor just before a performance. Casanova suggests reducing your child’s toys to a few containers and allowing them to rotate so they don’t have too many toys at once.

7. Don’t forget the curb appeal

Last but not least, is the curb appeal. To attract buyers, it is important to make the exterior as attractive and attention-grabbing as the interior. A home’s appearance is always the first impression of a potential buyer. So don’t underestimate the value of simple lawn care like weeding, mowing, and window cleaning.

For a quick and inexpensive way to upgrade the look of your home, Casanova recommends refreshing your garden with black mulch and painting your front door. Easy enough! If you need to update your fence or hedge, now is the time. These small details add up to a homebuyer’s eye wondering how proud they would be to welcome family and friends to their first housewarming or once-in-a-lifetime gathering.




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