Was Tasha Cobbs married before?

According to our source, Tasha Cobbs has never been married before. The “Brake Every Chain” hitmaker has been married only once. Kenneth Leonard is the only husband of Tasha Cobbs that has been in the media.

In this article we will be going through why people or fans seem to think Tasha Cobbs, the award-winning songstress has been married before. Tasha Cobbs and Kenneth Leonard got married in 2017 and there hasn’t been any instance of Tasha marrying a second husband.

The most recent celebrity couple to tie the knot that year are Kenneth Leonard and Tasha Cobbs. Kenneth Leonard, better known by his stage name Lil’ Kim, is married to Tasha Cobbs who is best known for playing Moniece on The Cosby Show. Little is currently known about their relationship or marital history, but it seems like they got hitched fairly recently judging by some recent comments made by her.

Speaking at an event honoring Moms Who Rock Awards winners on February 22nd, Tasha praised her husband and said he was “the man of my dreams.” Throughout the speech, which has now gone viral, she also raved about how much she loves him. More essential, however, is the fact that their marriage appears to be proceeding normally.

Kenneth Leonard is a music producer and co-pastor who has been making music for over 20 years. His latest project is an album called “Love In Action.” The album was inspired by the church’s mission to help people live their lives to the fullest.

Leonard and his wife, Jessica, adopted their first son in July 2021. They named him Asher after one of Kenneth’s favorite musicians, Asher Greenbaum.

In this interview, Leonard shares his journey as a musician and pastor, discusses why he chose to record an album about love instead of religion or spirituality and reveals some of the processes behind creating Love In Action.

Per the information we have gathered so far, there hasn’t been any first marriage in which Tasha got involved. Her first and last marriage we know of per our source is with the recording producer Kenneth Leonard in 2017 and they are blessed with an adopted son called Asher Greenbaum.