Was Neal McDonough in the Flash?

Was Neal McDonough in the Flash? – Neal McDonough (born February 13, 1966) is an American actor. He played Damien Darhk on DC’s Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.

Journey into the Arrowverse: From his first turn in the Stephen Amell series and how he changed on Legends of Tomorrow to his latest turn on The Flash during the Armageddon arc and what the future may hold for his character.

“Damien Darhk on ‘Arrow’ was really dark and everything was so dark. When we went to ‘Legends of Tomorrow,’ I asked if we were going to lighten them up and make fun of them,” McDonough explained. “Can we make them more ‘comic’ like Lex Luthor than the original Superman… fun and adorable, and then they become dads and all that stuff? Marc Guggenheim, the genius that he is, said: “This is a great idea. Let’s try it. “It worked, and then this year I’m going to do The Flash again, and I’m going to do more soon. I like the new Damien Darhk because he’s the villain who jokes around with his dad and now he sees the mistakes of his past and you realize how much of a horrible person he was for some of the things he did. Now he’s become lighter and I love how he went from supervillain to almost … Damian was really on the black scale before. Then he goes to Gray Shed. Now he’s great against scales. whiter and I love seeing them make Damien even more heroic and better while still keeping that “Damien Darhk” touch.

One of the developments that has contributed to Damien’s growth is the introduction of his daughter Nora, played by Courtney Ford, with younger versions of Tuesday Hofman (Arrow) and Madeleine Arthur (Legends of Tomorrow). Damien gave his life so Nora could survive Armageddon. It’s the kind of lighter elements McDonough doesn’t see from the DC growing up with Christopher Reeve in Superman (1978). Was Neal McDonough in the Flash?

“Like the comic side when it comes to comics, but that’s probably why the original Superman for me was probably the greatest superhero movie of all time, because it was so pure, always trying to do the right thing, whatever happens.” McDonough said: “There’s Lex Luthor (of Gene Hackman) meeting Ned Beatty who’s trying to take over Australia. It was fun but it’s all over now…Batman is so dark and the villains are even darker that you go from there feeling, ‘Well god I feel dirty and I don’t like that feeling.’ My son wants’ Watch The Batman. He says, “Father, you won’t even understand this film. That’s not your thing.” I say, “Wait a minute! I’ve acted in many films. I get the movie, but I get his point because, like me, he’s a truly devout Catholic and trying to fight for what’s right. He enjoys watching movies that do just that. So I think that’s the reason for “Superman”. Cowboys is probably his all-time favorite movie.” Cinedigm’s Boon will be released in theaters, on-demand, and digitally on April 1st.


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