Was John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer Related?

Netflix’s Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story chronicles the life and crimes of Jeffrey Dahmer, but also features another of history’s most prolific serial killers: John Wayne Gacy. Known as the Killer Clown, Gacy was convicted of sexually assaulting and killing 33 boys and young men in Chicago, Illinois in the 1970s. When not lurking, he was known for wearing another character, Pogo the Clown, and for volunteering at children’s hospitals, earning his infamous nickname.

Although Jeffrey Dahmer denied any comparisons between them, the two serial killers had some things in common. Both men targeted young men, preferred strangulation as a method of murder, hid the remains in their homes, and used drugs to aid them in their crimes. Despite their similarities, the two have never met: they both operated in different cities and Gacy was arrested in 1978, the year Dahmer committed his first murder. For Dahmer there was a fundamental difference between them: while Dahmer confessed to his crimes, Gacy refused. However, it is still possible that Gacy indirectly influenced Dahmer’s subsequent crimes, as Gacy’s exploits were widely reported at the time of his arrest.

While Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy may not have been directly related, there are enough similarities between the two to justify the former’s inclusion in Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. The two killers followed similar methods and their active periods overlapped. The inclusion of a brief Gacy murder scene at the beginning of Episode 10 helps the highly controversial true crime series prove that Dahmer wasn’t as unique as society had hoped. The episode also describes a curious coincidence: on the day of Gacy’s execution, May 10, 1994, Dahmer was baptized in another prison just 180 miles away, and it all happened under a disturbing eclipse and complete. With Dahmer and Gacy sharing such an intriguing yet deeply disturbing connection, it would have been remiss not to single out the show.

Could John Wayne Gacy be the centerpiece of Monster season 2?

Netflix hasn’t announced the possibility of a second season of Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story – which makes sense since Monster Season 1 already covers the entire Dahmer timeline. However, the inclusion of Gacy at the end of the miniseries could hint at a Monster Season 2 centered around the killer clown. Monster has found incredible success on the streaming platform, and creator Ryan Murphy already has a penchant for creating anthology series, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Netflix approved a second season. With that in mind, it’s possible that Monster season 2 will focus on John Wayne Gacy.

Gacy isn’t the only serial killer Dahmer is compared to throughout the series, as the equally infamous Ed Gein is mentioned during his defense. But Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story includes brief scenes with the killer clown to show the amazing coincidences between these killers, whether it’s also set for Season 2 or not. By emphasizing the fact that there are as many assassins as its main character, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story makes it even scarier.

Watching the Jeffrey Dahmer Story, many will realize that crime doesn’t recognize boundaries, limitations, or stereotypes. It is only by looking at cases like his and Gacy’s that we can understand that no matter how hard criminals try to hide their crimes behind masks of happiness, kindness, and good deeds; there will always be someone who wants to hold them accountable for what they have done. And sometimes it even takes the efforts of one hero to do so.

In 2017 Netflix released its new documentary series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story which tells the story of this serial killer in detail with interviews from both victims’ families as well as law enforcement officials who were involved in his case.

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