The technique to unlock your phone without the password

unlock your phone without the password

We have all had doubts about our phone passwords. Some have even blocked their iPhones for several hours. But there is a simple technique to unlock your phone without the password, and it’s a completely safe trick.

Forgetting your phone password is something that can happen to anyone. At least, everyone has already had doubts about their unlock code. For those who have an iPhone, this method should allow you to unlock your phone without having to type in the password.

Unlock your phone without password

iPhone techniques, such as those to charge your laptop faster, are very practical. And there is one to unlock your phone without typing the password. Shared by the CM Journal, this method requires your Apple account and is completely safe. If you forgot your iPhone passcode or blocked it, here’s how to unlock it:

  • Turn off your phone by holding down the side button and one of the 2 volume buttons for iPhones with Face ID, and by holding down the lock button on iPhones up to 7.
  • Drag the “Power off” slider.
  • For iPhones with Face ID, plug your phone into your computer by pressing the side button at the same time.
  • For iPhones up to 7, connect your phone to your computer by pressing the Volume – button.
  • Let go of the buttons once your iPhone recovery screen appears.
  • Open Finder or iTunes.
  • In the chosen application, select the icon of your iPhone.
  • Click Restore.

And There you go! If all the steps have been carefully followed, you should have access to your phone, but without typing the password. Be careful, however, with this technique, it completely erases the content of your smartphone. On the other hand, it can be found via the backups made of your iPhone. So always remember to back up your content!

The iCloud unlock technique

To unlock your phone without password, there is another method that requires, this time, your iCloud account. Be careful, this technique will also erase the content of your iPhone.

  • Log into your iCloud account.
  • Click on the “Locate” button.
  • In the “All your devices” icon, select your iPhone.
  • Click on “Erase your iPhone” then validate.

Since this technique uses iCloud, it is, therefore, possible to perform this intervention remotely! Very handy if you tend to lose your phone.


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