The cold is not good for your smartphone: how to protect it?

The cold is not good for your smartphone: how to protect it?

When the mercury displays scorching temperatures, we all have the same reflex. Put our beloved smartphone away from the sun’s rays. But what we often ignore is that the cold is not good for these little technological marvels either.

When the freezing cold sets in, it’s a constant battle. Take off your gloves to answer Mom’s urgent text, or keep your knuckles warm? Should you take your cell phone out of your pocket, or leave it warm too?

The impact of the cold on the smartphone

While it is colder in Europe than at the North Pole, know that experts have confirmed what we feared. Yes, the cold can affect the proper functioning of your mobile phone. The consequences of the cold on your smartphone are multiple.

Your battery may first run out much faster than normal. Those who have smartphones may also find it difficult to use the touch screen (once the gloves are removed, of course). Finally, another very annoying bug: the pure and simple extinction of your phone. Black screen, power button inoperative, game over.

It’s the Nokia 3310 users who are in luck. Moreover, Apple specifies in its user manuals, the brand’s smartphones are to be used at temperatures between 0 and 30°C.

How to protect your smartphone from the cold?

Just as you wrap yourself in scarves, hats, mittens, and parkas before going out, when the mercury is below 0, your smartphone must also be “dressed for winter”. Nothing prevents you from putting it away in a small protective pouch for your smartphone or failing that, in a sock.

Another recommendation: only take it out of your pocket if necessary. Yes, your Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat notifications can wait a few minutes after you board a bus, or return home. Otherwise, watch out for bugs.

The cold doesn’t do your smartphone battery any good, either. Avoid using it outside, in temperatures that are too low, to prolong its life as much as possible.

So, we keep our hands in our pockets, and our smartphone too!


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