Taylor Swift Net Worth 2022: ‘Midnights’ Hit-Maker Earned This Much in 2021, Expected More in 2023

Taylor Swift is on a roll. She’s been releasing albums left and right and raking in the cash, even though she hasn’t toured in years.

She was listed on Billboard’s Top Global Money Makers of 2021 alongside Harry Styles, BTS, Drake, and the Rolling Stones.

She reportedly earned $65.8 million from sales royalties and streaming royalties. It also boasts 15.6 billion in global streaming. These figures do not include touring, which is a real moneymaker in the music industry, but that will change very soon as she will soon embarks on her highly anticipated Eras Tour.

According to Forbes magazine, the “Fearless” singer could earn up to $620 million from the tour alone.

David Herlihy, professor, and coordinator of the music industry program at Northeastern University did the numbers and it looks like the tour could generate more than $500 million in ticket sales alone, of which more than $12 million will be paid to Ticketmaster.

‘The Hunger Games’?

The day the Eras Tour went on sale, thousands, if not millions, of fans, enthusiastically lined up and bought tickets for the tour, which will reportedly feature a set list spanning decades of Swift’s discography. No wonder fans fight for tickets like they are fighting for their lives.

Since the last tour, Swift has released three new albums, “Folklore”, “Evermore” and “Midnights”, and one re-recorded album, “Red”.

Many songs from the three new albums have yet to be performed live by the singer, so the battle for tour tickets feels a lot like The Hunger Games, as described by some fans. The Eras Tour follows the singer’s Reputation Stadium Tour, which grossed $345 million and became the third-highest-grossing tour by a female artist.

Swift has a reported net worth of $400 million, and her numerous homes across the country and private jets show just how wealthy the “Anti-Hero” singer really is. Swift currently has 10 studio albums, three live albums, four EPs, two re-recordings, 18 compilations, and one limited edition.

She has amassed 49 million certified albums in the United States alone and numerous songs topping the US Billboard 200. By all accounts, this singer is one of the richest and is about to get even richer next year.

Source: www.emmacitizen.com