Sean Suiter Family: Wife, Children, Parents, Siblings, Cause Of Death

Sean Suiter was an investigator at the Baltimore Police department. according to Taya Graham, a Baltimore-based investigative journalist, Sean Suiter was murdered.

Due to Suiter’s humanity and self respect, he got through ranks, was promoted severally. He was the people’s favorite investigator.

Sean Suiter Wife

Sean Suiter’s wife was Nicole Suiter. The were living a happy marriage life before the investigator passed away.

Sean Suiter Children

Information about his children, and the inside of his family affairs are kept from the public interest.

Sean Suiter Parents

Sean Suiter parents are not known by the public, and can not be found anywhere on the internet.

Sean Suiter Siblings

Nothing reports show that Sean Suiter had siblings. If he did, know information is known about theme.

Sean Suiter Age

Sean Suiter was 47 years old when he died.

Sean Suiter Cause of Death

Many theories have surfaced since the Baltimore Police officer was pronounced dead. The only consistent fact amongst them also confirmed by investigators and the post-medical examinations is that Sean Suiter died from a shot to his head.

It remains a mystery to date as to who killed the heroic detective. Sean Suiter was due to testify before a federal court concerning the corrupt practices of some of his fellow police officers. [source]

Who is Sean in we own this city?

Jamie Hector as Sean M. Suiter, a Baltimore City Homicide detective who was caught up in the GTTF case and called to testify before a federal grand jury. Tragically, Suiter finds he can’t outrun his past. [source]

What happened Detective Suiter?

Suiter died while on duty on Nov. 15, 2017. His body was found in a vacant lot in West Baltimore and he had been shot in the head. He was shot with his own weapon, Baltimore police said. [source]

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