Russia Promises Cyber-Attacks: How To Protect Yourself?

Russian hackers are said to have pledged allegiance to Vladimir Putin’s government to launch a wave of cyberattacks against the West. Individuals are at risk, here are some tips to protect themselves.

Few days ago, the Western cybersecurity alliance ( Five Eyes ) claimed that Russian hacker networks are about to launch large-scale computer attacks. They would retaliate to Western countries’ armed and financial support for Ukraine with violent and untargeted cyberattacks.

“Some cybercriminals have recently publicly pledged allegiance to the Russian government,” the Five Eyes member countries believe they know . France is not spared, and the recent breakdown at Orange is one example among many others.

In this cyberwar, cybersecurity specialists are not spared. This is the case of the Russian Kaspersky which has been blacklisted by the American FCC. Without really taking a position, the French ANSSI asked companies to question the use of solutions from the Russian publisher.

How to protect yourself?

Faced with threats, you have to take precautions so as not to leave too many clues to hackers. The most popular software at the moment is none other than the VPN . The latter allows you to systematically hide your IP address when you browse the Internet. In this way, you become completely untraceable in the eyes of hackers… and even your ISP.

In addition, players like NordVPN or ExpressVPN will also encrypt all your data. You therefore have real additional security, including when you are on a public Wi-Fi network. Hackers will therefore not be able to intercept your sensitive data to misuse it. Clearly, the VPN provides a layer of security for internet browsing.

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