The Ultimate Trick To Prevent Powdered Sugar From Hardening

Prevent Powdered Sugar From Hardening

The powdered sugar you bought a few months ago is no longer really powdered, and has hardened automatically? Here is a very simple trick to soften it and incorporate it into your future recipes.

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During your last big shopping, you felt like making some pastry recipes. Neither one nor two, you decide to buy powdered sugar and integrate it into your future creations. Problem: time passes without you using it, and its grains stick together, forming large blocks. Your sugar is no longer powdered at all. Do not panic: here is the trick to recover it, and soften it.

Why does sugar harden?

White, red or brown, sugar does not tolerate humidity, whatever its nature. Composed of absorbent properties, it is able to capture the slightest trace of moisture, and thus compact itself into small blocks very quickly, making it practically impossible to sprinkle it to season your recipes or accompany your white cheeses. A phenomenon that will accelerate if your powdered sugar is exposed to ambient air.

Foods that allow sugar to soften

There is a very simple trick to prevent the grains of your sugar from sticking together. Before you even buy any, check that you have some bread left at home: it will serve as a moisture absorber. Bread crumbs have very absorbent properties, making them perfect for storing your sugar. Place a slice of bread in your sugar jar: it will take care of the rest.

If you are out of bread, you can use lemons. Collect their peel to put them in the sugar jar, and their components will absorb the humidity. Finally, if you don’t have lemons, you can use an apple. Cut a few quarters to place them with the sugar in a plastic seal, and let them act overnight. The next day, your sugar will be like new.

Other Methods to Soften Sugar

If you don’t have much left in terms of food, you can use a microwave to soften your sugar: place the hardened pieces in a bowl for just 15 to 20 seconds. If necessary, repeat this step by adding a few drops of water. You will then obtain powdered sugar, which you just need to knead lightly. You can also put everything in the oven, on a plate, at 120 degrees.

You can also place them in a blender and transform them into powder. A good, lightly moistened paper towel will also do the trick if you place it in the sugar container and leave it for several hours.


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