Positive Use Of Garlic And Salt


How to use garlic and salt to break Spiritual marriage.


Garlic is herb that is very nutritious which is cultivated almost all over the world.

In the acient of days,about 5000 years ago, garlic has been used in many of cultural displays in the world.It is believed that garlic has an exceptional power of repelling and breaking evil spirits.


Salt is made up of sodium chloride and is mainly found in seawater.

It has an acient recognition of cleansing the body,soul and mind both spiritually and physically.

It was also used by our forefathers and ancestors to purify the land when the notice any sign of negativity.


*Grind or blend the garlic very well

*Put it in a clean bowl

*Get a clean water and boil it to be warm

*Add the salt to the warm water

*Gently put the blended or grinded garlic into the mixture of the salt and warm water.

*Use a white clean filter to separate (filter) the liquid mixture from the solid mixture

*The solid part of the mixture can be thrown away

*Pray or say whatever you want to say on the liquid mixture.

*Keep it in secretly safe place because your secret is your power

How to use it:

*Pour small amount of the mixture in the water you will be bathing with and bath with it(if you are using a shower apply the small amount of the mixture on yourself and wait 5minutes before you bath)

When to use it:

This should be done only in evening when you are about to sleep. This means immediaty you apply it you must go to bed and sleep.

Thing you may experience when you apply it:

*Start to loose friends who has bad spirits

*Terrible dreams

*Positivity in business and financies

*Healthy Marriage

*Grace with favor as well as good luck

*People will begin to fight you both spiritual and physical.

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