Platinum Lifehack for Apple Watch 8 Lovers

Platinum Lifehack for Apple Watch 8 Lovers

Or 5 ways to save battery on Apple Watch 8.

When you have the awesome Apple Watch Series 8, you definitely want to use it as much as possible. In the following lines, we will tell you several ways to use the battery as long as possible. Read them carefully and use them according to the occasion and your needs.

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Platinum Lifehack for Apple Watch 8 Lovers

Power Reserve mode

Apple Watch 8 has a special mode to turn off all functions except the clock with the current time. This mode is called Power Reserve and can help you save battery when you don’t need the unique features of your watch.

To turn on the mode, slide your finger on the clock from the bottom up, and in the Control Center select Battery Percentage. You will see a Power Reserve icon – set it to Proceed.

To exit the mode, press and hold the side button on the watch.

Saving energy during training


You can save the battery of the watch in training mode. To do this, you need to pair it with your iPhone and open the Watch app there. Scroll through the menus until you find Workout. You’ll see a Power Saving Mode switch that you can tap to turn on. Turn it off the same way.

Save on connectivity

Constantly searching for a connection to different systems wastes a lot of battery power. If you turn off some of the connectivity options, you will get significantly longer battery life without losing the functionalities that are important to you.

When you’re out and about, you can turn off the Wi-Fi connection – constantly searching for a signal and connecting to open networks isn’t very good for your phone anyway. To do this, swipe up on the screen, open the Control Center, and disable the icon with the Wi-Fi sign.

Another way is to activate airplane mode on the watch. This option is suitable if you’re traveling and don’t have access to Wi-Fi or mobile data coverage. Scroll through the icons in the control center and activate the one with the plane. Another option is to go into Settings, scroll to Airplane Mode, and toggle the switch on.

Screen brightness

Believe it or not, screen brightness can drain a lot of battery power. If you simply reduce the brightness, you will continue to see the screen well enough, while at the same time, you will postpone the mandatory recharging. Of course, if you go out into the bright sun and can’t see well enough, you can just turn up the brightness again for a second, then turn it back to economy mode.

To adjust the display brightness, open the settings and scroll down to Display & Brightness. By touching the icon on the left, you will decrease the brightness, and with the one on the right, you will increase it to the required level.

Reduce screen wake time

When you tap your Apple Watch 8 to see something on the screen, it will stay on for a while, then turn itself off. The clock settings allow you to adjust the time the display stays awake. To do this, enter the Display & Brightness menu, as in the top point, scroll to Wake Duration, and select Wake for 15 Seconds so that the screen turns off after 15 seconds. If you need more time, tap Wake for 70 Seconds to stay on for 70 seconds.



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