Paul McCartney Ex-Wife: Heather Mills, Linda McCartney

Paul McCartney is considered a music legend. The Beatles frontman broke out in the 1960s. And the rest is history. Even after the group broke up, the artist continued to make music and earn a lot of money. But he lost a lot in his divorce from his ex-wife Heather Mills.

Paul McCartney Marriage To Heather Mills

Paul McCartney and Heather Mills may only have been married between 2002 and 2008, but their marriage, as well as Mills’ relationship with Paul’s daughter Stella McCartney, was a hot topic for the tabloids.

Paul was still recovering from the loss of the late Linda McCartney, who was dying of breast cancer when he met Mills at the 1999 Pride of Britain Awards. Mills quickly made headlines by calling off her engagement to filmmaker Chris Terrill (via Independent). And as you can imagine, things quickly got complicated. Terrill called Mills “terrifying” and compared it to a tornado, the Sydney Morning Herald noted. “We had a whirlwind romance and brief engagement before she hooked up with a guy named Paul!” he wrote.

But the negative light given to Mills did not affect the Beatles legend. He and Mills married in an over-the-top wedding ceremony, and the late Mrs. McCartney continued to make headlines. What caught the attention of the media? Mill’s relationship with Stella when a heated dispute between them is reported. It has also been alleged that Stella was jealous of her stepmother due to the many benefits she received from her during her marriage to Paul, including her annual allowance (through Independent). If this sounds like a recipe for disaster, then it is.

What exactly happened to Paul McCartney and Heather Mills’ relationship after they broke up? Well, during an interview with Extra TV in November 2007, Mills said that despite going through a “very, very stressful” divorce from Paul, the two have been able to remain “very civil” with each other for the sake of his daughter Beatrice. . “We talk often. I still love Paul as the father of my daughter… [But] I’m not in love with Paul,” she shared. As for Stella McCartney, Mills said she tried to end the marriage “every week” because she was “so jealous.” “Stella didn’t care about her father’s happiness,” Mills said. “She has done some nasty, nasty things.”

In a separate interview with Event, a weekly Daily Mail culture publication, Mills said Paul had “a lot of energy” and compared him to “a cross between Peter Pan and Captain Hook”. She also shared that Paul liked the fact that she wasn’t a Beatles fan and “hardly knew any of the songs.” But things didn’t go well between Mills and Paul in the end.

“Anyone who thinks they’re going to marry a rock legend is going to be in heaven…they just aren’t,” she said.

Paul McCartney’s Marriage To Linda Eastman

Paul McCartney was one of the most desirable members of The Beatles when he first saw Linda Eastman in May 1967 at the Bag O’ Nails nightclub in London’s Soho, where he had his own table. He visited the famous club after attending Brian Epstein’s dinner to mark the completion of The Beatles’ Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album.

Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames were playing when Paul was approached by the blond American rock photographer who was there with some friends from the rock band The Animals. He was in London to take photos for a book called Rock and Other Four-Letter Words (via Ultimate Classic Rock).

This chance meeting began one of the greatest love stories in rock music. The likable Beatle and the determined young rock ‘n’ roll photographer began a love affair that culminated in marriage just over a year later.

What was the true story of Paul McCartney’s marriage to Linda Eastman? What was it about this particular woman that made Paul give up his bachelor status forever? How was her life together and how does the memory of her affect Paul today? There are many things you don’t know.

After making eye contact with Linda, Paul reminded Barry Miles in the book Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now that he knew he had to think fast if he wanted to get Linda’s attention.

“The band had finished and [Linda and the Animals] got up to leave or get a drink or pee or something and she walked over to our table,” he said. “I got up just as she was passing by and blocked her exit. And then I was like, ‘Oh, I’m sorry. Hi. How are you? How are you?’ I introduced myself and said: ‘Let’s go to another club after that. Would you like to join us?’ That was my big tug! Well, I’ve obviously never used it before, but this time it worked! It was a pretty slim chance, but it worked.”

Linda was intrigued enough when Paul told her that she had original paintings by the surrealist Rene Magritte, of whom Linda was a fan. She went back to him and stayed with the rocker until the next day.


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