Nick Pompeo Engaged, Family, Wiki, Bio, Net Worth & More

Nick Pompeo engaged in the year 2020, December 11. His engagement was announced by his father Mike Pompeo and his mother. The to-be wife was Rachael.

Nick Pompeo is known to be the son of Ex-President Donald Trump’s Secretary of State and politician as well during his regime, Mike Pompeo. In this article, we will be going delving deep into his age, net worth, family, wife, etc.

Nick Pompeo was born in America in 1990 in Orange, California being the only son of a businessman, politician, and Trump Secretary of State during his term in office. 

His mom Susan Pompeo has been a major pillar in his son’s feet too alongside his father, Mike Pompeo.

These days, lawmakers receive a lot of media coverage, and some of that coverage has even reached their kids.

He uses Twitter to study governmental issues by retweeting many political tweets. Nicholas seems to be knowledgeable and accomplished in the academic field.

Mike, who is also a family member, probably had an impact on Nicholas in many ways, including issues with the government.

Name Nicholas Pompeo
Age 25-29 years old
Gender Male
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Sales Manager
Parents Mike Pompeo and Susan Pompeo
Married/Single Unknown
Education Cornell University
Instagram @npompeo

Nick Pompeo Wikipedia

Nick Pompeo has not been recognized by Wikipedia, he has no details on Wikipedia except for his political father Mike Pompeo who has a lot on his Wiki page.

Nick Pompeo Engaged

Mike Pompeo his father congratulated him on his engagement with Rachael in a group picture on Twitter; “Congratulations to our son, Nick, and his beautiful bride-to-be, Rachael, on their engagement! Mom and I are so happy we could be a part of your special day — we love you both!

Net Worth

Nicholas Pompeo’s net worth is not mentioned anywhere online.

However, because the young man is involved in politics like his father is, he could make a sizable amount of money.

The estimated net worth of his father, on the other hand, is $800,000. He is well known for being among Trump’s highest-paid staff members.

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