Must have for queens: the new razr from Motorola is our favorite piece of jewelry this summer!

new razr from Motorola

we’re sure you had a flip phone as a kid. Or if you are so young that you didn’t have your own, then your mother, your sister, or your brother’s boyfriend had 100%.

We bet part of your childhood memories and the idea of ​​a “queen” at the time was having bright clothes, short tank tops, those sandals with the big soles (I can’t help but remember them!), braids with colored thread or colored locks with a moment paint, a small bag in monochrome color and last but not least – a gold flip phone or Paris Hilton’s pink one!

As is known, slowly, slowly, some trends from the golden nineties are slowly, gradually, but surely beginning to return and find a wide application and place in our wardrobes. Apart from some make-up trends, the 90s can also be felt in fashion.

Open your closet and count exactly how many small bags you’ve bought since last summer. 3, 5, 7? And you want more, right?! Well yes. Why not! Small handbags are sexy, and pretentious and create a feeling of being an organized owner (that is, you don’t need to carry all your belongings, just the bare essentials – purse, phone, lipstick, and keys). And this provides you with additional self-confidence and a sense of superiority.

Hmm. Key – well, lipstick – too, they’re just the right size to fit in any small, stylish handbag. Purse? Hmm, first problem – it’s big and doesn’t add up – so it’s time for a new one. And the phone? Also! It’s time for a new one.

We present to you the must-have that will bring back the crown of your head from the sweet nineties – the Motorola Razr 40 Ultra

Do you already feel the emotion when you remember all these things? You don’t have to classify it as “nostalgia” because Motorola continues to be an innovator (for many years) when it comes to artfully intertwining fashion and technology.

After the big events and collaborations, they have carried out over the years (among the most significant we recall the partnership with Dolce&Gabbana and Paris Hilton), which have seriously changed the generations’ understanding of the relationship between fashion and technology – now Motorola presents the new phone that is not just a tool for chatting and checking social networks and a lifestyle acquisition that provides you with a new kind of experience.

With a nod to the past and a look to the future, the Motorola Razr 40 Ultra is here to completely turn the idea of a foldable device on its head

Designed with content creators and trendsetters in mind, the Razr 40 ultra, the slimmest foldable smartphone, impresses with the industry’s first two-axis folding, as well as the largest and most interactive outdoor display on a foldable smartphone. The Razr 40 ultra is also available exclusively in the Pantone® Color of the Year – Viva Magenta.


The Motorola Razr once bridged the gap between fashion and technology, becoming one of the first portable devices to hit the tech market. The iconic “flip” design of the smartphone has remained a symbol of nostalgia and a mirror for former fashion trends.

Today, Motorola is redefining the concept of a foldable device by introducing the next generation razr, proving once again that innovative design can completely transform the smartphone experience and serve as a way to express yourself.

Meet the Motorola Razr 2023 family

Two new devices that combine iconic style and premium functionality to deliver an innovative mobile experience. Every feature of these two highly distinctive smartphones has been precisely designed to meet the needs of modern consumers who seek a balanced smartphone experience, cutting-edge technology, and the ability to express themselves and their style.

These are smartphones that know no boundaries. Thanks to the combination of an iconic design resembling a classic “flip phone” and innovative functionalities, they take us back in time while we have our eyes fixed on the future.


Motorola Razr 40 ultra highlights:

  • you have the opportunity to express yourself and your style through the largest and most interactive outdoor display;
  • a diverse camera system is also at your disposal: ideal for creating content and capturing the perfect “selfies”;
  • advanced iconic “flip” design;
  • an advanced sound and powerful performance;
  • a unique experience with Motorola software.

Motorola Edge 40 Viva Magenta

Today, Motorola also presents the special edition Motorola Edge 40 Viva Magenta, which completes the line of the Edge 40 family, featuring advanced features such as a curved display, dust and water protection, a powerful 50MP camera and fast charging in an elegant and stylish design.

Motorola Edge 40 in Pantone® Color of the Year 2023 Viva Magenta is the perfect combination of style, design, and performance; the device is one of the thinnest in its class (7.58 mm), with a curved glass display without bezels.

Are you ready to completely change your life with the Motorola Razr: the fashion guru changing the world of mobile technology?



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