Natosha Dooling

Keyon Dooling’s better half, Natosha Dooling, is an eminent donor, coach, and representative. The couple lives in South Florida with their four kids.

Natosha and Keyon were secondary school darlings when her better half sought after a ball vocation. Her life partner is a previous NBA monitor that is presently functioning as the Utah Jazz’s player improvement mentor.

Born in Stronghold Lauderdale, Florida, Keyon went to the College of Missouri, where he gathered sufficient help to be named the Big 12 Meeting’s Preseason Rookie of the Year.

Prior to marking with the Grizzlies in 2013, he previously played for the Miami Intensity, Los Angeles Trimmers, Orlando Enchantment, Milwaukee Bucks, New Jersey Nets, and Boston Celtics.

Dooling played his last NBA game on May 27, 2013, against the San Antonio Spikes in Game 4 of the Western Gathering Finals. In 2013, he reported his second retirement to turn into a holistic mentor in the NBA and the NBA D-Association.

Who Is Keyon Dooling Spouse Natosha Dooling?

Natosha Dooling is a patron at Behind the Seat bunch for NBA Spouses and a money manager.

Full name Keyon Latwae Dooling
Age 42 years old
Born on May 8, 1980
Residence Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
Parents Brenda Dooling, Leroy Dooling
Siblings Eric Dooling
Wife Natosha Dooling (m. 1995)
Children Keyon Dooling Jr., Gabrielle Dooling, DeNeal Dooling, Jordan Dooling
Salary 1.352 million USD (2013)

Known for being Keyon Dooling’s significant other, Natosha is likewise a humanitarian. The gave accomplice and mother of four have ventured into every part of the way of her childhood with industriousness and unfaltering confidence.

As indicated by Pre Newswire, Natosha ventures to every part of the country with her public effort establishment, N-Zone, empowering young ladies.

A non-benefit association gives school grants and character improvement to minimize young ladies through behavior classes, abilities preparation, and school prep courses.

Essentially, she guarantees on her LinkedIn page that she has been an individual from the NBA Spouses club for roughly 13 years. She is as of now the President, Proofreader, and Boss at Sportsality Magazine/Ahsotan Inc.

She Distributed A Book In view of Her Young Life Experience

Natasha is a first-time writer and marketing expert who marketed her book, “My Eyes and My Hair: My Process Defeating Day to day Difficulties.”

The book mirrors her young life encounters; she tries to transform her difficulties into a decent story to rouse others.

“My Eyes and My Hair,” depicted in her expressions, is an elevating excursion to self-acknowledgment, appreciating adoration, life, and family, and, above all, encountering the quiet and strength that comes just from knowing God.

One of the many reasons she felt headed to create “My Eyes and My Hair” was to move and engage all young ladies to accomplish their yearnings, no matter what type of “menace” they might experience.

Along With Her Better half, Natosha Established Sportsality Magazine  Natosha and her better half, Milwaukee Bucks veteran NBA point watch Keyon Dooling, are the organizers and makers of Sportsality Magazine.

Off the court, this power couple is improving their abilities with an accentuation on business, charity, and mentorship. Keyon is by and by the VP of the NBA Players Affiliation and is an exceptionally respected competitor both on and off the court.

The pair has consolidated their inclinations to make Sportsality, a magazine that offers tip top competitors a stage to share their stories of reclamation, motivation, selflessness, and healthy associations with others.

Sportsality’s point is to elevate, animate, and carry attention to the great and noteworthy acknowledgment of expert players and their families.

Besides, that’s what the Doolings grasp “it’s something beyond a game,” and their center is to respect players who have an effect or potentially show positivism off the courts and fields.

Natosha Dooling’s Excruciating Youth Experience

Natosha (nee Shrewd) Dooling, an African-American born with a light composition, dark eyes, and goldfish-shaded hair, confronted tormenting from the second she began elementary school.

As indicated by, the maltreatment she encountered because of being “unique” followed her all through school, and it was particularly troublesome since it came from people of her own nationality.

Notwithstanding, she defeated affliction in her childhood to hitch her secondary school darling, NBA extraordinary Keyon Dooling, showing that the human soul can constantly win.

Indeed, even in the domain of distinction, Natosha needed to surprise everyone and generalizations consistently. As her way of life developed, she managed the troubles of incessant moves, safeguarding associations, and exploring the media.

Natosha Dooling Family

Her Mom Gwendolyn Shrewd Worked At Broward District  Natosha Dooling was born in Post Lauderdale, Florida, to her folks, Gwendolyn Brilliant and Horace Shrewd, as per Facebook pictures.

She went to Dillard Secondary School and afterward went to American InterContinental College, according to her mom’s Facebook profile.

Likewise, she had functioned as a school transport driver for Broward Province Government-funded Schools. Her past business incorporates spells at Ahsotan Inc. also, Broward Region.

Likewise, she was raised as the most youthful of her parent’s three kids. Kevin Shrewd, one of her brothers, as of now dwells in Palm Ocean side, Florida. Kevin is a Dillard Secondary School graduate class who is hitched and has a little girl.

Keyon And Natosha Traded Commitments In 1995   The secondary school darlings, Keyon and his better half Natosha got hitched on July 22, 1995. This July, the couple praised their 21st wedding commemoration.

Essentially, Dooling went to Facebook to welcome her life partner and commend their marriage on July 22, 2020, with a progression of photos caught throughout the long term.

On her nineteenth commemoration, she shared around 20 photos in which she wished her accomplice a cheerful commemoration and showed that their authority wedded association started in 1995.

Keyon And Natosha’s Four Children:

Keyon Jr., Gabrielle, DeNeal, And Jordan   The Doolings have four kids: three little girls named Gabrielle, DeNeal, and Jordan, and a child named Keyon Jr.

DeNeal, 21, their most memorable little girl, was born on January 20, 2001, in St Nick Monica at UCLA Clinical Center work and conveyance, and Gabrielle, 19, their subsequent kid, was born on September 9, 2003.

Similarly, Jordan, born on February 16, 2007, is 15 years of age, and Keyon Jr., born on October 11, 2009, is 13 years of age.  Their girl, Gabrielle, is engaged in sports. As indicated by her mom’s Facebook post, she plays tennis and has come out on top for titles. Jordan, in the meantime, is keen on music and plays the flute.

DeNeal, otherwise called DeDe, has been keen on acting since she was six years of age. She spent her entire secondary school profession at the Orange District School of Artistic expression.

Per IMDb, she worked vast hours to further develop her acting abilities by means of different classes and exhibitions. At 16 years old, she got her most memorable work, featuring in the board crusade “Could You at any point See Me?”

A few FAQs

Who Is Keyon Dooling Spouse Natosha Dooling?

Keyon Dooling’s significant other, Natosha Dooling, is a supporter of the Behind the Seat bunch for NBA Spouses, a tutor, a financial specialist, and a giver.

When Did Keyon And Natosha Dooling Got Hitched?

Keyon and his better half Natosha got hitched on July 22, 1995.

What number of Children Does Keyon Dooling Have?

Keyon Dooling has four youngsters: three girls named Gabrielle, DeNeal, and Jordan, and a child named Keyon Jr.


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