Michael Psilakis Wife: Who Is Anna Marie Caputo; Everything To Know About

Michael Psilakis Wife: Michael Psilakis is a famous chef, writer, and restorative of the United States. He is known for his Greek cuisine and performances on television programs such as Ultimate Recipes Showdown, and Iron Manager America, the best I have eaten and not required cooking.

Michael Psiliakis is a famous restorer, chef, and writer. It has several restaurants in New York. He is also a well-known television personality. He also cooked at the White House for President Barack Obama. In the short time, he was on the culinary scene, Michael Psilakis gathered many of the world’s most prestigious awards.

In 2008, Psilakis was appointed the best new chef by Bon Appetit by Food & Wine and Boss of the Year. Similarly, Bravo T.V. He for Listán’s manager. Anthos, his exclusive Greek restaurant, was nominated for a James Beard award in the best new restaurant. In addition, he was nominated by Esquire “Chef of the Year” magazine, and his Restaurant Anho received a Michelin star and became third in the New York Times by Frank Bruni among the ten best new restaurants.

Who is Michael Psilakis wife, Anna Marie Caputo?

The name of Michael Psilaki is Anna Marie Caputo. Michael is a well-known personality. But he is a very secret individual. The chef prefers to keep his personal information to himself. His professional career, on the other hand, is an open book.

He often publishes his kitchen on his social networks. Michael likes to keep his public life very personal. In addition to the name, it is difficult to find information about his wife. But it seems that Michael and Anna have been married for a long time.

Michael Psilakis is a family man. The success of his career depends mainly on his wife. The couple together has two children. He recently shared an Instagram contribution in which he said: “I love to involve my children in the kitchen. It is never too early and never too late to start. ”

Michael Psilaki family details

Michael Psilakis had to represent hospitality and enthusiasm for food, which was highly valued by his party lover as the eldest son of the first generation in a traditional Greek family in Long Island. Michael learned to fry all the lamb in a skewer after his father had a massive B.B.Q. in the garden.

The chef’s mother, a fantastic chef, taught her everything she knows about classical Greek culinary flavors and techniques, and she remains her greatest influence on the kitchen.

Obtained a B.B.A. In accounting and finance at the University, according to his father’s intentions, but then it was as a server in T.G.I. On Fridays, where he saw the perspectives of a career in restaurant administration for the first time.

Later he climbed through the lines of Cafe Angelica, a long island treatment, and finally bought the owners. Pilakis renamed the ECCO restaurant and made a name as a legitimate restorer.

Net Assets of Michael Psilaki

Michael Psilakis is a very hard and career man. His passion for the kitchen is the key to his success. He puts all his love and effort to cook. He also involves his children in the kitchen and wants them to learn to cook.

Michael Psiliakis earns a lot of money with his great fans on social networks. However, his exact income or income is not publicly available.

In Michael Psilakis’s words, food is “nobody’s priority. People just want to sit down and eat something good. I think that’s why they keep coming back to me! With my healthy recipes, amazing performances, and thoughtful ingredients, all they need is some love from the kitchen. Treat them right this year with Greek cuisine at your next dinner party and you won’t regret it.




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