Is Margaret Brennan a Democrat, Face the Nation host, political party and more

Margaret Brennan political party: When Face the Nation moderator Margaret Brennan came back from maternity leave in September for the start of the 2021-2022 TV season after giving birth to her second son, one significant change to CBS was that she took a step down from her role as moderator. This is an interesting move as it’s rare for moderators to change roles once they’ve returned from maternity leave. Why? Well, let’s take a look at some possible reasons and discuss how this might impact the show.

It was as clear a statement as CBS could offer: that the identity of its consistently top-rated Sunday morning show is inextricably linked to the veteran business and foreign affairs journalist who has hosted it since 2018. And, most importantly, it is unique among its peers. Both in terms of her style (“If you’re looking for anger and outrage? That’s not what you’ll find here,” he told me) and his past. The latter includes her coverage of Wall Street, the financial crisis, and global markets – Beats focused on it for a decade before he joined CBS from Bloomberg Television and CNBC before that.

And the show isn’t even his entire professional identity. After her return, Margaret was also promoted to CBS News chief foreign affairs correspondent and quickly landed an interview with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in New York about his relationship with President Biden, the situation in Syria, and more. Also for CBS News, Brennan’s interviews with foreign leaders included British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, then-Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, French President Emmanuel Macron, Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin, and King Abdullah II of Jordan.

That kind of track record is a big part of why Face the Nation is able to hire so many heads of state and CEOs, with an example of the latter including FedExFDX -0.8% CEO Fred Smith, who will appear on the guest list. Sunday’s broadcast discusses current challenges in the US supply chain.

Meanwhile, the fact that Brennan is also the only woman and working mother to helm her own Sunday morning news show? Yet another fresh perspective she brings to a program that’s produced consistent rating leadership for CBS.

“I think personal experience always changes someone’s perspective and informs their journalism on any story, right?” Brennan told me. “We’ve talked a lot in this country about lived experiences, and certainly I think for many people one of the most relatable ones is what’s happening with their children — certainly now, in a crisis with the pandemic.

“We just saw the FDA greenlight for elementary school kids a vaccine, so we’re getting closer to one of the last segments of our population. But for my kids, I’m going to have to be waiting well into 2022, and I’m going to be experiencing this pandemic still with them, in a way that some countries won’t. Because I will still have unprotected children since they’re just not eligible yet. It puts it into more real terms for me.”

Brennan parlays all of that into a political and public affairs program that’s resonating with viewers. Data from Nielsen, for example, shows that, on October 31, Face the Nation was the #1 Sunday morning show in its category. It also earned top marks for both total viewers (2.8 million) as well as for the most viewers among adults aged 25-54 (546,000).

In an interview with me ahead of Sunday’s 67th-anniversary episode, Brennan discussed working behind the scenes, the state of journalism today, and her deceptively simple formula for Face the Nation.

“I think people, especially at a time of national crisis, are looking for context,” she said. “And for perspective, it’s not just about opinions. So it’s not just about beating my chest for making it about me. Because it’s not about me. It’s about trying to get to the heart of the matter. I think people looking for I think people are looking for information they can trust.” Margaret Brennan political party

She begins by bringing together newsmakers and a selection of the main players influencing national and international events. For the Oct. 31 edition of the show, Brennan sat down with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who answered questions about US negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program, as well as action on global climate change and the collapse of Afghanistan. Meanwhile, US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo was also on hand to discuss the collapse of the US supply chain, while a pair of congressmen discussed the President’s stalled domestic agenda in Congress. , including the bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that the House passed this week.

“Supply chains around the world have been massively disrupted in the last few months,” Brennan asked Raimondo at one point on the broadcast. “We have all these bottlenecks. Why not the ports, why not the truckers, why hasn’t this come out?”

The Secretary of Commerce responded: “This is not something that can be fixed overnight. But the important thing is basically that supply chains and logistics are run by the private sector. People tell me, will the Christmas presents be delivered? Like I say, call FedEx. That’s not what the government does.

“What we’re doing, and the president is committed to this, we’re using all the tools in our toolbox to provide support, to help, to loosen the doors.”

Brennan’s previous interviews with newsmakers, including scientists, during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, helped Face the Nation earn two Emmy Award nominations. And in addition to helping garner the most viewers in its category during the 2020-2021 television season, Face the Nation also won first place this year in the National Headliner Awards category for broadcast and cable coverage of a news event. last minute, that event being a pandemic. The judges went so far as to note that the show provided viewers with coverage that was “exactly what the country needed at the time.” Margaret Brennan political party

Brennan continued: “I’ve joked about doing a live TV show from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and being pushed around and covering financial crises and finding out about the economy and how politics and politics fit together, all of that stuff, I think. , it’s been very helpful for me in getting to the point where we are now. Where we’re bringing these threads together. Responding at the moment sometimes, but also stepping away from breaking news and asking, well, where do we go? wears this? next?”

When that process is repeated often enough, with enough attention, it may well become a bulwark against some of the abandon-weary consumer media outlets that have exhibited in recent months and years. New data from the Pew Research Center underscored that trust in the mainstream media among Republicans continues to essentially fall off a cliff. Overall, according to Pew, roughly six in ten American adults (58%) say they at least trust information coming from national news organizations. That’s still clearly a majority, but a worrying number nonetheless.

Because it’s also the smallest percentage on record in the last five years that Pew has asked the public the same question.

“There’s a lot of anger bubbling up in the country, and a lot of it has been directed at journalists,” Brennan told me. “There’s a place you can choose to go to if you want an opinion. I mean, you don’t even have to choose it. It’ll land in your lap these days.”

The idea is that in Face the Nation, “you’re going to find a conversation that says, okay, what’s the core problem of this and how do we fight it against the ground? Or how do we deal with this crisis that we’re facing? Because I think that such a Maybe there’s too much of the politics as blood sport and not enough of the politics and not enough of the conversation about the really deep issues our country is grappling with.”

Margaret Brennan is a political commentator and host of the weekly PBS show “Face the Nation.” She has also served as White House correspondent for NBC News and was a reporter for ABC.

Margaret Brennan political party

According to her website, Brennan aims to provide viewers with an in-depth analysis of major political news stories, while also providing soundbites that are easy to understand. Her aim is “to help Americans better understand what’s going on in their country and around the world,” which she believes will allow them to make informed decisions about voting and other civic participation.

Brennan is not just a content creator – she’s actively involved in politics herself, donating time and money to candidates who share her values. She was one of several celebrities who endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders during his presidential campaign, and she continues to support progressive causes today.

So does Margaret Brennan qualify as a democrat?

According to her website, yes – she supports many liberal policies including access to healthcare insurance for all people, equal pay for women workers, stronger environmental protections, etc. In addition, Brennan has openly criticized President Donald Trump numerous times on air since he took office in 2017., making her an avid critic of the current administration. Therefore we would classify Margaret Brennan as a democratic activist media personality.