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Marcus Greenlee is a champion football player and ballplayer in high school. He was Hopkins’ half-brother, born from his mother’s previous relationship. Marcus Greenlee is DeAndre Hopkin’s stepbrother. He is one of the exceptional football and basketball players.

He was born in the United States. However, his own subtleties are not revealed because he loves to remain discreet.

Intuitions about his father are still absent. It is accepted that his mother knows him. He attended the Georiga Military College and completed his higher studies. Marcus belongs to the 20-30 age group. In any case, the details are not revealed at this time.

Marcus is too shy to even think about revealing the other details about him to the media. Marcus Greelee was raised by a single mother, Sabrina Greenlee. His father was in a car accident when his brother DeAndre Hopkin was a young child.

The accident occurred in 1992 as Marcus’s family was returning from Atlanta. His father died at the scene, although his mother survived with minor injuries.

His mother was doused with a hot mixture of caustic and synthetic substances by a 24-year-old man, Savannah Grant. The corrosive substance quickly spread down her neck, causing her skin to tingle.

Her lover took her to the medical clinic but then she moved to the Georgia clinic. Seventeen percent of her body was burned in the incident, which left her blind for life.

The assailant was charged with 20 years in prison and was jailed in 2003. The reason behind spewing corrosives and synthetics was that he found out that his girlfriend was having an unauthorized affair with Savannah.

Marcus Greenlee didn’t have a decent adolescence. He grew up with three relatives.

After his father passed away at a particularly young age, his mother had two sources of income, working for a family car company.

His brother DeAndre Hopkin is currently an American wide receiver who plays for the Arizona Cardinals.

Like Marcus, Kesha Smith was born from a previous relationship with Sabrina Greenlee. She is a basketball mentor and completed her studies at Southern Wesleyan University.

His other sister, Shanterria Cobb, plays basketball at Texas Southern University and is a three-time all-area winner in basketball at D.W Daniel High School.

Marcus is not dynamic on Instagram. At least he’s dynamic on Facebook. He constantly posts photos and recordings with his family.




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