Who are Alexander Peters and Jennifer Eyerly Lily Peters Parents

Lily Peters Parents: Lily Peters is a 10-year-old girl who is a victim and was murdered in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Lily’s parents are devastated by the murder of their little girl.

Lily Peters is a fourth-grader who was killed by her attacker in Chippewa Falls, and police have yet to make an arrest. They are looking for tips on Lily Peters.

Lily Peters was reported missing before her murder, and her parents were concerned that Lily had not returned from visiting her aunt.

Who are Alexander Peters and Jennifer Eyerly? Meet Lily Peter’s parents

Alexander Peters and Jennifer Eyerly are the parents of Lily Peter, and they were very worried when their daughter did not return from visiting her aunt.

lily peters parents
lily peters parents

Alexander and Jennifer reported their daughter missing; through a search and the assistance of many authorities, her body was found in a wooded area near the trail.

The case details are gritty; authorities have provided only limited details. Likewise, people’s sympathies pour into Lily’s parents for staying strong under these circumstances.

During this difficult period, people and their close families supported Alexander and Jennifer, and their son. The authorities are also constantly working to find out the culprit.

Lily Peter’s parents’ Facebook

Lily Peter’s parents are active on Facebook.

They remain open to tips and are working with the police to find the perpetrator.

The update below was from Chippewa Falls Police Department on their Facebook handles;

Good afternoon and thank you for coming. My name is Matthew Kelm and I am the Chief of Police for the Chippewa Falls Police Department. This is an update on the Missing Persons case that was first reported last night.
At about 9:00 pm last night, the Chippewa Falls Police Department received information that Iliana (Lily) M. Peters, age 10, was missing from the City of Chippewa Falls. Lily’s father reported that she had not returned home from a visit to her aunt’s house in the 400 block of N. Grove Street. Officers later located a bicycle in the woods near the walking trail between the end of N. Grove Street and the Leinenkugel’s brewery parking lot. Numerous agencies and resources were called to assist with the search for Lily.
At about 9:15 am this morning, a body was located in the wooded area near the walking trail in that area. The Chippewa County Coroner’s Office has now confirmed this is the body of Lily Peters. At this point we are considering this a homicide investigation. We do not have anyone in custody and are continuing to follow up on multiple leads.
Chippewa Falls Police Department and the numerous assisting agencies will be working diligently on this case. We encourage anyone with information to please contact the Chippewa Falls Police Department and to maintain a state of vigilance as there may be a danger to the public.
To maintain the integrity of this very active and ongoing investigation, I am unable to provide further details at this time. I anticipate an additional press conference tonight at 5:00 pm. We would like to extend our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Lilly Peters during this tragic time. Thank you.
If you have ANY tips, please call 715-726-7701, select option 1.
There will be another Press Conference at 5:00 PM at the Chippewa Falls Fire Station, Station 1, 1301 Chippewa Crossing Blvd, Chippewa Falls.
Please see attached for an initial Press Release for a Missing Child in Chippewa Falls from last night.
Thank you”

Even her close family, niece, and nephew posted a message on Facebook asking individuals to pray for Alexander, Jennifer, and their son when Lily was found dead at 9:15 am.

In addition, the authorities and first responders worked hard to find those responsible for the crime. They also work hard to avoid any scenario that affects young children.

lily peters parents

Lily’s Case Wiki

Lily Peters first visited her aunt, but she did not return from her visit, which worried her parents, Alexander and Jennifer. Lily’s parents reported her missing.

Therefore, with the help of many agencies, resources and authorities, they were able to find Lily’s body. M. Peters at 9:15 a.m. on the trail between the end of N. Grove Street and the Leinenkugel Brewery parking lot.

Authorities say Lily’s death is a horrific crime, and they are conducting a homicide investigation. Many authorities are still working on their leads to find the perpetrator and the perpetrator’s motive.



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