Where Is Justine Watson Now? Meet Offset Baby Mama From St Louis

While Offset was making headlines with Cardi B not too long ago, many of us wanted to know about one of his baby moms, Justine Watson. Here’s everything we learn about their relationship.

Offset won’t be making headlines too far because of his relationship with popular rapper Cardi B. The soon-to-be-divorced couple has a five-month-old girl, Kultur Kiari Cephus.

But she just isn’t the only one who is his teenager’s mother. Among them, is one of his first baby moms, Justine Watson, with whom he shares an eight-year-old son, Jordan Cephus.

Back in August 2017, she filed a lawsuit against the rapper for child support. He gave birth to his son alone in October 2017 after she filed the case.

Where is offset baby mum Justine Watson now?

Wiki Details
Justine Watson is one of the popular rappers of Offset’s many little moms. She quickly made headlines when she publicly revealed that Offset wasn’t fully committed to becoming a dad again in 2017.

He also wanted to take a paternity test to prove that he was indeed Jordan’s father. After the whole approval process, the research showed that he was a father as quickly as anyone.

Watson also made it clear that he had not paid child support. Afterward, she was prepared for him to kick so much because of the record.

Is Justine Watson Offset’s First Wife?

Justine Watson is Offset’s first baby mom. However, they have not clarified if the former couple ever tied the knot.

Since Justine keeps her life a secret, she has not revealed anything about their relationship. Justine has also made her Instagram account private.

After Watson paid out teen support, it seems the former couple is once again at odds. Justine claims she sent Offset “sporadic financial support.”

She asks Offset to cover more than $15,000 in licensed funds.

Details of Jordan Cephus’ mother’s age

Although Justine Watson has not revealed her age, she became a mother to Jordan Cephus when Offset was 17. Although he initially denied being the father, licensed research revealed that he was.

Justine was only 7 years old when they went to court records for financial aid orders. Offset was just as quick to talk about his fatherhood journey when he was still a teenager.

He went on to say that along with one of the best opportunities, he made some mistakes but doesn’t regret them one bit. Offset said he’s not a round Jordan walking up.



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