Was John Wayne Married When he died?

John Wayne was married three times before he died. His last wife was Pilar Pallete, and although they had been together for more than two decades, he never included her in his will.

John “The Duke” Wayne and Pilar Pallete were married for more than 20 years and she remained with him until his death in 1979. Together they had three children from his seven births: John Ethan, Marisa and Aissa.

The legendary actor has made millions in his life but left no happiness behind for Pallete. One reason was that they had been separated for several years when he died.


The actor’s first wife was Josephine Alicia Saenz, whom he married in 1933. The couple were together for 12 years and had four children during that time.

The children were Mary Antonia “Toni” Wayne LaCava, Michael Wayne, Melinda Wayne Munoz and Patrick Wayne. After John’s death, Saenz was included in her ex-husband’s will.


Source: www.emmacitizen.com


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