Jewel Net Worth 2023: Here’s How Singer’s Finances Got Wrecked By Own Mom

Jewel described the terrifying moment when she discovered that “all the money” was gone. your own mother.

Jewels stolen from her mother, abused by her father

The four-time Grammy nominee claimed that her mother, Lenedora, who was also her manager, stole a staggering $100 million from her over the course of her career.

She hinted that it might be because she didn’t have a great relationship with her mother. She said she didn’t know who my mother was until she was about 30. Jewel said on Monday Verywell Her Mind Her Podcast, Amy along with her Morin, wakes up one day to find her own mother has stolen of her over $100 million of her own money, leaving her in huge debt.

Jewel has sold over 27 million albums worldwide, so it’s hard to imagine her penniless.

When she was 34, she realized that she owed her $3 million and that her mother had stolen it, and that everything her mother thought was untrue. I have clarified what I have noticed. This was a psychologically challenging realization.

She explained that her view of Jewel’s reality growing up was distorted and built on lies.

She explained that her parents divorced when she was eight years old and moved in with her father.

The singer also shared that no one said her mother didn’t want to be her mother. As a result of her departure, her father assumed responsibility for her upbringing.

Unfortunately, the Who Will Save Your Soul singer revealed that her father was abusive — a violent alcoholic who struck her.

As such, a younger version of her was convinced that her mother was a good person: her father was an instantly recognizable “bad guy” and “her mother seemed to be the complete opposite.”

Her mother was calm and gentle, and she is said to have never screamed or hit. However, the singer was unaware at the time that she was being abused in other ways. Jewell says her worries were often silenced whenever she asked her mother for help.

Jewel recalls the “feeling of being loved” at that time. She didn’t know her truth until much later.

Jewel Net Worth 2023

She is 48 years old now. Suffice it to say that she recovered financially.

Jewel’s current net worth is $14 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. The story of Jewel Kilcher’s rise from poverty to wealth has been told countless times. She enrolled in the famous Interlocking Arts Academy, where she learned to sing, and after she grew up in the Alaskan wilderness with no plumbing in her home, she learned to play the guitar. She then began performing at coffee shops and street festivals while traveling and living in a van.

In the summer of 1994, her entire career changed after her Atlantic record executives heard her play at her coffee shop in San Diego on a Thursday night.

Her debut album ‘Pieces of You’ released in 1995 became one of the best-selling albums of all time. It sold 15 million copies and was on the Billboard 200 for two years.



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