Jason Siemon Family: Wife, Children / Kids, Siblings

Jason Siemon
Jason Siemon

Jason Siemon is an American former basketball player who is the ex-husband of Lara Logan, a South African war correspondent, radio, and television Journalist.

Jason and Lara became a couple in 1998 before she came into the limelight. Jason also rose to fame after becoming his wife
famous as a correspondent. The two served partner goals for
ten years before he got embroiled in a messy divorce. That the former basketball player kept a low profile afterward farewell while Lara is still attracting attention as a correspondent.

Summary of Jason Siemon’s Bio
• Full name: Jason Siemon
• Nickname: Jason Siemon
• Gender: Male
• Date of birth: April 18, 1971
• Place of Birth: Iowa, the United States of America
• Jason Siemon’s Age: 51 years old
• Ethnicity: Mixed
• Nationality: American
• Zodiac Sign: Aries
• Alma Mater: Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa, USA
• Sexual Orientation: Straight
• Marital Status: Married
• Jason Siemon’s Wife: Carolyn Holden
• Jason Siemon’s’s ex-Wife: Lara Logan
• Jason Siemon’s Height in Inches: 6 feet 9 inches
• Jason Siemon’s Height in Centimetres: 205.75 cm
• Jason Siemon’s Weight: 17 kg (235 Ibs)
•Famous for: Being the ex-husband of Lara Logan

Jason Siemon was born in Lowa in the United States

Jason Siemon was born on April 18, 1971, in Lowa, United States
The states of America. Even if he has reached a level of popularity, he holds back and does not promptly disclose information about his private life to the public. As a result, we could not confirm information about him, his parents, and his siblings. It is only known that he was born to American parents of mixed ethnic origin. Also, there isn’t any information on the type of childhood he had in
his early school years. Jason went to high school in Lowa, United States.

His passion for basketball started when he was a child. He won a scholarship to play basketball at Morningside College in Sioux, Lowa, USA, eventually graduating with an A in Studies in business administration, management and Operations from the same college.

He had a thriving career in basketball

Jason Siemon began his basketball career at a young age and he was so good he got a college scholarship. He began his professional career after graduating from University. Jason’s height is indicated as 6 feet 9 inches and he is 3 inches taller than the average basketball player. This gave him an advantage in pursuing a career in this field.

Despite being an American citizen, Jason Simeon pursued his Basketball career outside the country. He started his career in professional basketball in Europe and for which he played in England, France, Greece, Poland, Australia, Ireland, Holland,
Croatia, Lithuania, and Belgium. He played for his various Teams as a powerful striker/center.

Having carved out a niche as a 12-year-old basketball player years in different teams, Jason retired. He is back in America and started working with Bluestar Energy, a renewable energy company.

Jason Siemon and Lara Logan met on a beach in London

Jason Siemon and Lara Logan first met on a London beach in 1998 and fell in love instantly. At that time, both were still building their careers in different fields.
They started dating the same year and soon decided to take things to a more serious level. So, two months after they met, the lovers got married and lived happily, which many envied. Unfortunately, the union, envied by many, was doomed a few years later.

They divorced after 10 years of marriage

Jason Siemon and Lara’s marriage fell apart after 10 years of living together when they got a messy divorce in 2008. The divorce came after Lara Logan’s numerous relationships with other men while still married to Jason.

She is believed to have had romantic relationships with three different men, the first of which was Michael Ware, an Australian CNN associate. He was the CNN correspondent who covered the Iraq war. Michael’s marriage had its troubles as it fell apart due to the time he spent covering the war in Iraq. He wrote his last correspondence with CNN in 2009.

Second, Lara was said to have been pregnant with another man’s child who was not her ex-husband’s. A colleague of hers would have been responsible for the pregnancy. Aside from the pregnancy claims, she was reportedly seeing another man, Joseph Burkett.
Lara and Joseph Burkett first met in Afghanistan while they were both at work and still legally married to their exes. Their relationship initially began with an affair. They later met in Irag and took their relationship more seriously. As a result, Lara broke up with Ware and turned her attention to Joseph.

Jason Siemon and his ex-wife had no children together

Jason Siemon and Lara Logan, who have spent 10 years together as a couple, are expected to have children. However, the two had no children while they were married. However, they welcomed the children after moving on with their new spouses.

Jason is currently married to Carolyn

After a messy divorce, Jason Siemon decided after a while to give love a second chance. He is currently married to Carolyn Holden, a professional nurse from Chicago. She is a graduate of the Resurrection College of Nursing.

The couple met in July 2008 at Chicago’s Moda Club. The two remained friends for years before deciding to make their relationship official. On August 31, 2013, they exchanged their marriage vows.


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