Is it dangerous to eat an avocado that has browned flesh? You must know this


Avocados are fruits that we love to eat in the summer. Except when their flesh has browned. But is it really dangerous to eat an avocado that has brown spots? We tell you everything.

The avocado is an incredible fruit that can really be eaten in all sauces. On its own, in a salad, in guacamole, on bread… But very often, when you open one, it happens that you find brown spots on the flesh. Does that really mean we can’t eat it?

How to keep an avocado properly?

First, check that you are storing your avocados correctly. If you have chosen them very ripe and want them to last longer, put them in the refrigerator, in the vegetable drawer. If, on the other hand, your avocados are not ripe at all, keep them out of the fridge, at room temperature to hope to be able to eat them soon. I

n another scenario, you cut your avocado in half and don’t want to eat the other half right away. What we advise you is to consume the half where there is no kernel. On the other part, leave the core in place, and cover the whole thing with cling film, with why not, a drizzle of lemon juice. You will see, this technique is magic: the pit will ensure that the flesh of the avocado stays green for a day or two more.

Should you eat an avocado with brown spots?

If, however, your avocado still has a few brown spots on its flesh, don’t worry. You can still consume it, without any risk. The fruit is just ripening, which is normal. If the aspect seems appetizing to you, it is quite possible to try a new guacamole recipe rather than eating it as is. A little lemon, olive oil, salt, pepper, and some guacamole spices, and you’re done.

But there are still signs to watch out for. If the brown flesh is not a sign of rot, the black spots are. Especially if the skin of your avocado is very soft, the flesh is stringy, and the fruit gives off a bad smell, almost chemical. In this case, we do not take any risks, and we immediately put it in the trash.


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