Is Gladys Knight Still Married to William Mcdowell?

Is Gladys Knight Still Married to William Mcdowell? Gladys Knight is the empress of souls and has made a name for herself with hits like Midnight Train to Georgia and That’s What Friends are For. Unfortunately, she had a fairly private life, marked by four marriages and three divorces. Luckily, after 20 years together, she seems to have found her perfect man and counting.

Who is Gladys Knight’s husband now?

Gladys Knight’s spouse has been in the spotlight for two reasons: her personal life and her career in the entertainment industry. Gladys is an American singer, songwriter, actress, author, and entrepreneur from Atlanta, Georgia.

She is famous for a lot of successes, between 1960 and 1980. She’s a seven-time Grammy Award winner.

Who is Gladys Knight?

She is an American singer, composer, actress, author, and businesswoman. Gladys Maria Knight was born on May 28, 1944, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. She is 77 years old since 2022. His parents are Merald Woodlow Knight SR (father) and Sarah Elizabeth (mother).

She has three brothers, a sister known as Brenda, and two brothers Merald Junior and David. While growing up, she sang Gladys in the church choir, and at the age of eight, she won Ted Macks the original competition of Amateur Hour television programs. In 1952 he founded the PIPS musical group with his brother Merald, her sister Brenda and his cousins William and Eleanor.

The group began acting in small programs in 1961 when they recorded their first song, every rhythm of my heart. The single became a great success, and many record stamps tried to sign them. They changed their name to Gladys Knight and the Pips and were signed with the Bobby Robinsons and Fury Records seal.

After acting for many years, publishing hits and albums, and doing several tours, the group broke their career as solo musicians in the 1990s. Until now, he has sold more than 40 albums, 11 solo studio albums, and many singles.

Her husband is William McDowell. How old is the husband of Glady William McDowell’s gentleman? William is just over 60 years old. He is 14 years younger than Gladys, who is 77 years old in 2022. The couple exchanged their wedding vows in 2001 and has been married for two decades since 2022. Gladys and William currently live in Asheville, North Carolina. They have a community center, the old Reynolds high school in Canton, in which McDowell participated.

The couple has no children but 17 grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren. Gladys Knights Dating History Although she is currently married to William McDowell, the singer has been previously married and divorced. Here is her dating story.

Is Gladys Knight Still Married to William Mcdowell?

James Newman

Gladys was first married to James Newman, commonly known as Jimmy. The marriage lasted 13 years, from 1960 to 1973. She was only 16 years old when she got married and became pregnant with Jimmy. Unfortunately, the pregnancy ended in miscarriage. The couple later had two more children together. Newman, a musician, became addicted to drugs and eventually left behind his wife and two children after only four years in the union. As a result, Gladys withdrew from her music tours to concentrate on single-handedly raising her children.

She also separated from Jimmy, although she did not file for divorce right away. Instead, she divorced him in 1973. Unfortunately, Jimmy died a few years into the divorce settlement. Gladys’s son began managing his mother’s career through Newman Management Inc Company. He was his manager until July 10, 1999, when he succumbed to cardiac arrest.

Barry Hankerson

Gladys married her second husband, Barry Hankerson, a year after divorcing her first husband, Newman. He is an American record producer, record label owner, and manager. He is the founder and manager of Blackground Records. The couple later married in October 1974 and had a son, Shanga-Ali Hankerson. She became stepmother to Barry’s other son, Jomo Hankerson, from her previous union. The union lasted less than five years when they divorced in 1979. The duo went through a nasty customs battle.

Les Brauns

Despite two divorces, the singer did not give up on love. She entered into another marriage with Les Brown in 1995. Notably, this was the shortest marriage in the icon’s marriage history as it ended in the space of two years. Gladys herself admitted that she left the union a better person.

Gladys Knight’s husband, William McDowell, and the singer have had a sweet romance for more than two decades. The marriage has survived through thick and thin, arousing the curiosity of many about the mystery behind their love story. The duo who keep their affairs secret have maintained such credibility.



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