Is Ginger Zee leaving GMA?

American TV personality Ginger Renee Colonomos is best known by the nickname Ginger Zee. She was previously the station’s weekend meteorologist before becoming ABC News chief weather forecaster. Some of the works she has created during her career include the children’s book Zee Grows A Tree, Natural Disaster: I Cover Them, I Am One, A Little Closer to Home: How I Found The Calm After The Storm, and more.

Is Ginger Zee Leaving Good Morning America?

Due to a difficult diagnosis, Ginger Zee was forced to take a break from Good Morning America to take care of herself and her two children. On Friday, the meteorologist announced that she, Miles, and Adrian had tested positive for COVID-19. Zee posted on Instagram on May 20, 2022, informing her followers that she and her children have contracted Covid-19. As a result, she may have to miss Good Morning America a few times. In her post about her, she explained: “Covid has entered the house”. My family and I will be silent. I’ll be away for a while to keep everyone safe, even if everyone feels tired and overwhelmed. ”

“I hope you are all staying healthy and safe,” he said in conclusion. Zee was previously reported missing by the GMA on April 5, 2022. Due to Zee’s absence, Champion returned to the program to provide the morning forecast. Ahead of publication, The US Sun reached out to ABC for comment but received no response.

How much does Ginger Zee make?

American tv-personality Ginger Zee has a net worth of $2.5 million and makes $500,000 annually. When Ginger was ABC News’ top meteorologist, she became popular with the public. Zee was given the name Ginger Renee Zuidgeest when she was born on January 13, 1981, in Orange, California. She was named Ginger in honor of the popular TV series Gilligan’s Island. Before Zee achieved one, her parents, Dawn and Robert Zuidgeest, moved the family to Michigan. After their marriage ended, his mother remarried Carl Craft. Zee acquired Elaina and Adrianna as half-sisters after the wedding.

Ginger Zee family

Zee was diagnosed with narcolepsy at the age of 21. Zee and Ben Aaron Colonomos, a famous WNBC host, got engaged in August 2013. The wedding took place on June 7, 2014. Adrian Benjamin Colonomos, their son and first child together, was born in December 2015 in Petoskey, Michigan. She announced she was expecting her second child on Good Morning America on August 14, 2017. Miles Macklin, a new son, was born to her in February 2018. The family lives in Manhattan.


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