iOS 16: The 10 Best Tricks and Hidden Functions To Test on Your iPhone

iOS 16 adds a slew of cool new features, but some new features won’t appeal to everyone et al. can be polished off in seconds. Here are our greatest tips and tricks to better enjoy iOS 16.

iOS 16, Apple’s latest iPhone OS , is a stimulating update. It adds a bunch of useful and nice features, fixing some security flaws and tweaking the general look of the system. during this article, we offer you our ten little tips to make iOS 16 even more pleasant to use.

1. Enable battery percentage indicator

With the launch of iOS 16, Apple brought back the battery percentage indicator that was removed in 2017. Note that the iPhone XR, 11, 12 mini and 13 mini don’t take advantage of it .

Go to Settings > Battery and tap the toggle labeled Battery Percentage . variety will be superimposed on the battery icon at the top of the screen, if your iPhone supports the feature.

2. Disable iOS 16’s Search Button

If you look on an iOS 15 home screen, you will see a small icon between the dock and the other app icons. It shows a row of dots indicating what percentage home screens you have and which one you are on.

Once you update to iOS 16, this icon is replaced by an enquiry icon, which duplicates the Spotlight function accessible by swiping down on the house screen. to get rid of it, attend Settings > Home Screen and turn off Show on Home Screen under Search .

3. Enable keyboard haptic feedback

Most folks turn off iPhone keyboard sounds, which may be irritating when typing long messages in public. But meaning you miss out on the helpful haptic feedback that helps with typing accuracy.

In iOS 16, Apple finally gives an choice to enable haptic keyboard feedback without keyboard clicks, which is both unobtrusive, useful and thus combines the simplest of both worlds. attend Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Keyboard Feedback and turn on Vibration .

4. Give yourself longer to unsend emails

Since iOS 16, Mail allows you to unsend emails (with a specific delay). The feature is about to 10 seconds by default, but if you attend Settings > Mail > Unsend Delay . you’ll change it to 20 or 30 seconds.

5. Stop accidentally ending calls

Go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Don’t Hang Up on Lock to prevent the side button from accidentally ending an ongoing call.

6. Hands-free hang-up

Siri now allows you to say ” Hey Siri, hang up ” during a call. To enable this feature , attend Settings > Siri & Search > Hang Up , then tap the toggle so it turns green.

7. Send messages without confirmation

When sending messages using Siri, you’ll now skip the (quite tedious) confirmation step. attend Settings > Siri & Search > Send Messages Automatically , tap the toggle so it turns green.

8. Share (some of) your Concentration statuses

In Settings > Focus , ensure Share Across Devices is turned on. you’ll also block or allow an app to access Focus, like in Settings > Messages , for instance .

9. Bring back lock screen notifications like on iOS 15

Apple has changed the way notifications appear on the lock screen. This view is enabled by default, but those that prefer to use the old method can switch back if they prefer. attend Settings > Notifications and select List to switch back to iOS 15 notification style.

10. Prevent your personal photos from appearing unexpectedly

iOS 16 adds an AI-powered feature that finds what it thinks are important photos and videos and displays them in various places (widgets, search, the For You tab in Photos, etc.). it is a nice feature, but remember that you can tell iOS 16 not to mix some of your most embarrassing photos.

You can turn off this feature by going to Settings > Photos , then turning off the Show Hidden Album button.



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