How To Get Affordable Life Insurance Without A Medical Exam

Life Insurance Without A Medical Exam

For most people, life insurance is very important as a financial safety net. The desire to ensure the financial security of families in the event of their sudden absence is a widespread concern. Unfortunately, most major life insurance policies usually require a medical examination.

This examination usually includes filling out a detailed questionnaire about yourself and your family’s medical history, blood and urine tests, and basic height and weight measurements. The findings of this study could significantly increase life insurance premiums for many Americans. In some cases, life insurance may not be available. This raises the question:

Is it possible to purchase life insurance without a medical examination?

Life Insurance Without A Medical Exam

Life insurance contracts usually require a medical examination. At least it’s inconvenient. A typical face-to-face visit takes approximately 30-60 minutes. Life insurance companies know this and will usually try to accommodate your request. Some even send someone to your home to do a health check. Still, I doubt my friend in the example above would pass the exam while lying in a hospital bed.

Some policies do not require a personal medical examination, but this is just another way to qualify an applicant. Still, you’ll have to answer a rather lengthy medical questionnaire or be interviewed over the phone. These answers can be as revealing as a blood test.

Is There a True ‘No Medical Exam Required’ Life Insurance Policy

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Some life insurance policies do not require medical examinations. However, compared to standard life insurance, these policies typically offer lower benefits on the insured’s death, ranging from $25,000 for her to $50,000 for her. This type of insurance is often referred to as funeral insurance or cost-protection life insurance.

This type of insurance is often referred to as funeral insurance or cost-protection life insurance. There is no need for a medical examination, and people in poor health can be hospitalized as long as they are not terminally ill. In principle, everyone is entitled to this type of insurance unless they have already died. However, there are some drawbacks to consider.

1. Higher Rewards: Guaranteed life insurance policies typically have higher monthly premiums than traditional policies.

2. Benefit reduction: The death benefit provided by these policies is relatively small and may not be sufficient for all needs.

3. Latency to full power: In some cases, you may be able to receive full benefits only after a waiting period. This waiting period can last for several years, which is common in guaranteed life insurance policies. For example, TruStage and Gerber Life offer policies with exactly the same waiting period and terms.

What’s Simplified Issue Life Insurance Then?

Simplified Issue Life Insurance is another option that doesn’t require a medical exam. However, instead of an exam, the insurer will ask you to fill out a brief questionnaire about your medical history. Although this option may be more convenient, it usually comes with higher monthly premiums.

The maximum coverage amount is also limited, typically capping out at half a million dollars. The advantages of simplified issue life insurance include simplified questions, making it easier for more people to qualify, and a faster approval process. While a traditional policy can take several weeks to set up and get approved, a simplified issue policy can be approved in less than a week.

If you have access to a group life insurance plan through your employer, that’s another option to consider. Group life insurance guarantees coverage without the need for a medical exam. Additionally, most employers contribute a significant portion, or even the entire amount, of the monthly premium.

However, the coverage provided by group life insurance is typically relatively low, usually equivalent to one to two years’ salary. Keep in mind that if you want supplemental coverage through your employer, it will resemble a standard life insurance policy. You will be responsible for paying the premiums, and you may need to qualify, which could involve a medical exam.

Life Insurance Can Be Affordable

If you’re concerned about the cost of life insurance premiums, rest assured that it doesn’t have to be a significant financial burden. You can find excellent coverage options priced at less than $10 per month. Insurance Ranked has compiled a list of top no-exam life insurance providers, along with their most affordable plans. Consider these providers and their respective starting prices:

  • Ladder: Plans begin at $4.95 per month.
  • LeapLife: Plans start at $7.05 per month. 
  • Bestow: Plans available from $7.38 per month. 
  • Ethos: Plans start at $7.65 per month. 
  • Sprout: Plans begin at $8.11 per month. 
  • Haven Life: Plans start at $8.72 per month. 

Before purchasing an insurance plan, it is wise to consider different options and compare premiums. This way, you can secure the lowest premium while finding a plan that fits your specific needs. Finally, it is important to remember that insurance companies operate for profit. If you want to avoid a medical checkup, it may appear that you are trying to hide a serious medical condition.

Unfortunately, unchecked insurance options often result in higher premiums and lower overall coverage. Please note that there is no free lunch. However, having life insurance is better than not having it at all. Even a small amount of residual expense insurance can significantly reduce the financial stress your family may face after your death. If illness makes it difficult to get life insurance, don’t lose hope.

There is always a chance that your health will improve, increasing your chances of getting cheaper and more comprehensive life insurance.


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