How do you know if you are blocked on Messenger?

How do you know if you are blocked on Messenger?

There’s nothing worse than being blocked on social media and ignoring it. To avoid exchanging with a friend who in reality is no longer a friend, here is a very simple method to find out if you have been blocked on Facebook Messenger.

Social networks have their own definition of friendship. Unlike in real life, where a romantic break-up (normally) gives rise to a verbal explanation, on the Internet, relationships are made and broken with a simple click. A person can thus remove you from their virtual life without you even knowing it.

Indeed, do not count on Facebook to swing that a friend has decided to “block” you. And what’s more vexing than continuing to chat with someone who actually blacklisted you? Fortunately, if you do not receive a notification to inform you of your blocking, there is a very simple way to put an end to your doubts.

Blocked or disabled account?

It may be that when you search for a “friend” on Facebook in the search bar of the site or application, it is not found. Strange… But at this point, there is still doubt, maybe this person has simply decided to delete their account.

Perhaps also that his account was suspended for misconduct by posting, for example, messages or comments contrary to the ethics of the social network imagined by Mark Zuckerberg. But maybe also that this person made you the affront to block you.

If indeed, the user has deactivated his account, then no one can find him. To make sure, log out of your profile and type the same username into the search box on your Facebook page. If, again, you don’t have anyone showing up in the search results, then you shouldn’t see anything personal there. And to be perfectly sure, you can also ask mutual friends if they see the same thing as you.

Messenger to make sure you’ve been blocked

The Messenger application, Facebook’s online chat service, will allow you to push your investigation even further. Open the chat you share with your friend and enter a message in the field to try to reach them on the social network. If after clicking “send” you see a red alert icon with an exclamation point, then you have probably been blocked.

You don’t want to believe it? So click on the icon that presents the photo of the user and go to “open profile”. If again an error message is displayed, you will have your confirmation that the blocking on social networks is intentional. On the other hand, if Facebook sends you a message saying that “this person is not available on Messenger” and that their profile picture becomes neutral, it means that the account has been deleted or deactivated.


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