Here Are The 10 Steps To Get Verified On Audiomack As An Artist

In a few steps, I want to show you how to get the blue tick (verification badge) on your Audiomack account that would enable you to enjoy other benefits of using the music sharing and streaming platform, can confirm.
First, here are the requirements before applying for Authentication (Verification)
1. Do not upload copyrighted content. You should only upload songs that belongs to you.
2. For you to be considered for verification, you should upload two or more songs.
3. You must have up to 10, 000 streams before you apply for authentication.
4. Make sure your profile is completedLink your Twitter page to your Audiomack Account.
When all of this is done. Move on to the application process.
1. Open your Internet browser and go to (Preferably on a Pc)

2. Click on the profile node and select “Creator Dashboard”

3. When the page opens, click on “Apply Now”

4. When the new page opens, click “Apply for Authentication”

5. In the new window that pops up, tick all the options and click “I Accept”

6. Verify Your Email and Click Next

7. Complete your profile and click next

8. Link Your Twitter Account and Click Next

9. Confirm all your information is correct, scroll down and click “Confirm & Finish”

10. When you see this page then your Application is successful.

NOTE : If you followed the rules and steps correctly in a few days, you should receive your verification email from Audiomack.

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