Herbert Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer is an American serial killer and also a sex offender who was sentenced to fifteen prison terms for fifteen murders. Later, when he was convicted of a murder he committed in Ohio in 1978, his sentence was increased to sixteen years in prison. Dahmer used to preserve the body parts of the victims he killed. Such was the terror of him among the people that he was known as the Milwaukee Cannibal or the Milwaukee Monster.

Jeffrey Dahmer was an evangelical Christian. Christ Church was known for not using musical instruments in their church. The Church of Christ was known to be racist. These people hated homosexuals and protested against them. When he found out that he was gay, Dahmer couldn’t tell his family anything about him. According to the Church of Christ, homosexuality was a satanic force because instead of approaching men, it killed them. He also had many problems in his family. His parents often argued. His mother tried to commit suicide but she was saved. All this caused many psychological problems for Dahmer. He had many mental disorders, but he was sane in his judgment.

Personal Life

Jeffrey Dahmer was born on May 21, 1960 in Milwaukee. He was the first of two children born to Joyce Annette and Lionel Herbert Dahmer. Many sources say that Dahmer was deprived of care when he was a baby. Dahmer’s energetic and fun personality quickly faded after his hernia surgery, which took place after his fourth birthday. Dahmer had a hidden interest in dead animals that he started when he saw his father pulling animal bones out from under his house, which strangely intrigued him. One of his friends reported that Dahmer said he knew how animal bodies fit together. In 1975, Dahmer decapitated a dog and nailed its body to a tree. His father taught him how to preserve animal bones that same year. In 1979, Dahmer joined the United States Army. Because of him, the entire platoon was punished, which earned him severe beatings from all of his teammates.

Jeffrey Dahmer Murders

Jeffrey Dahmer murdered Steven Hicks in 1978, which was his first murder. Dahmer had a sexual interest in Steven. He called him over for beers, to which Steven agreed. He overheard Steven talking about girls, which made him realize that he wasn’t gay. Jeffrey hit him with a bar that weighed 10 pounds. He beat him to death and then dissected parts of his body. He buried his remains in his garden. After a few weeks, he took the remains and separated the meat and bones. Dahmer dissolved the meat in the acid, and when it dissolved, he flushed it down the toilet. He broke the bones with a hammer and scattered them around his garden. He continued to commit such murders.

In 1991, Dahmer invited 3 men to his home to take arrest photos, 1 of whom he agreed to. Tracy Edwards went to Dahmer’s apartment but she soon began to smell a foul odor that she saw coming from a 57-gallon drum. Dahmer snapped her wrist. Edwards gained Dahmer’s trust by telling him that he was not going and that he was a friend. Seeing that Dahmer was busy with another job, she asked to go to the bathroom. Edward got to his feet and hit Dahmer hard, knocking him down. Edwards saw two police officers and told them all about Dahmer and also took them to her apartment where the officers found Polaroids of many human corpses. They also found a large knife under his bed. A full search was conducted and officers found 4 heads and seven skulls in Dahmer’s bedroom and closet. Dahmer was then arrested. On July 23, 1991, he confessed to all the murders.

How did Jeffrey Dahmer die?

Jeffrey Dahmer died on November 28, 1994. Christopher Scarver, who was his prisoner, beat him to death. Jeffrey Dahmer, Jesse Anderson and Christopher Scarver were hired to clean the prison gymnasium. At 8:10 a.m., officers found Dahmer on the bathroom floor. Dahmer was taken to the hospital, but was pronounced dead an hour later. Scarver was found to have used a 20 inch metal bar to beat Dahmer and Anderson. He hit Dahmer hard in the head and also hit his head against the wall. When asked the reason for killing both, Scarver simply replied that he did it because God told him to. Jesse Anderson died two days later. Scarver had hidden the 20-inch metal bar from the murders.

The public had mixed feelings upon learning of Jeffrey Dahmer’s death. Some of them were happy that the monster died, others wanted it to suffer even more before it died.


Source: www.emmacitizen.com


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