Halsey ‘So Good’ Issue Explained

Halsey ‘So Good’ Issue Explained

Halsey criticized Capitol Records in 2022, saying they had declined to release her track “So Good” because it lacked a TikTok campaign that would make it popular.

Recently, musicians and labels have both used TikTok to gain a sizable audience. Since then, the platform has played a crucial role in the success of many songs in terms of radio airplay and streaming, which has resulted in the debut, peak, and comeback of numerous songs on the Billboard charts.

Halsey was disappointed by the refusal and the subsequent delay of the song. She vented her annoyances on Instagram, where she received a lot of encouragement from her followers.

Almost a month later, “So Good” was eventually made available as a standalone single.

Her most recent and final release with the label is “If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power,” which was nominated for a Grammy.

As of yet, it is unknown where Halsey will sign next.


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