Is Robert Gordon Married?

Born March 29, 1947 in Bethesda, Maryland, Gordon loved listening to the radio and collecting records. His favorite artists included Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent and Elvis Presley. Gordon joined the National Guard to avoid being drafted into Vietnam after spending his teenage years singing in local bands like the Confidentials and Newports. In 1970, Gordon moved to New York City with his family to open a fashion boutique.

However, as bands like Blondie, Television and the Ramones began to fill the CBGB, it shifted its focus to the city’s burgeoning punk scene. Gordon joined the New York pop-punk group Tuff Darts and contributed to Atlantic Label’s 1976 compilation Live at CBGB, singing “Slash,” which includes the lyrics, “I’d Rather Cut My Wrist and Cut Myself.” ‘ contained throat instead of spending the night with you’.

Gordon’s latest album, Rockabilly For Life, was released in 2020 and featured performances from a variety of artists including Spedding, Paul Shaffer, Albert Lee, James Williamson, Linda Gail Lewis, Kathy Valentino and others.

On November 25th the label will release Gordon’s latest album Hellafied, which will see him again alongside British guitarist Chris Spedding.

Gordon wife and children

Gordon married at 19 and had two children. Not much is known about Gordon’s personal life.



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