John Fetterman Wife: Is John Fetterman married?

As of 2019, John Fetterman was the 34th Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania.

He was previously Mayor of Braddock from 2006 to 2019, during which time he married his wife Gisele Barreto.

Gisele Barreto is the Second Lady of PennsylvaniaCredit: AP

Who is John Fetterman’s wife Gisele Barreto?

Gisele Barreto is a Brazilian-American activist, philanthropist, and nonprofit organization who has dedicated her life to helping others.

After coming to the United States as a child from Rio de Janeiro, she received her green card in 2004 and became a US citizen five years later.

In addition to being the Second Lady of Pennsylvania, Barreto is also known for being the founder of the non-profit organization Freestore 15104 and co-founder of the non-profit organizations For Good Pgh and 412 Food Rescue.

When Fetterman became lieutenant governor, the couple decided not to move into the mansion, which meant their pool was unused.

The state’s second lady allowed summer camps to use the pool and launched a water safety campaign when federal statistics showed that African-American children were three times more likely to drown than white children.

When were John Fetterman and Gisele Barreto married?

Fetterman and Barreto met in 2007 after she saw him in a magazine and wrote him a letter about the city’s role in the steel industry.

“I wrote a letter to the district where I shared my work and that I wanted to visit and learn and do everything,” Barreto told PEOPLE in February 2021.

“The letter eventually ended with John. We spoke on the phone, I planned the visit and that’s how I arrived in Braddock for the first time.”

The two then fell in love and married the following year.

“I just thought that was the person I wanted to give a shot at,” added Fetterman.

“I remember saying to my mom, ‘Hey, that’s the person.'”

How many children does John Fetterman have?

Since their marriage, the couple has had three children together.

Their children are Karl, Gracie and August.

The family also has a rescue dog named Levi.

Despite having high-profile parents, there isn’t much information out there about the Fetterman children as they tend to avoid the spotlight.


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