Ford’s new electric model for Europe is the Explorer EV

A new Ford steeped in Ford’s American roots but designed in Europe and for Europe.

Already engaged in the race for electromobility with its Mustang Mach-e (whose price was recently reduced), the F-150 Lightning, but also with its essential e-Transit utility vehicle, Ford is now electrifying another name for the least iconic. The manufacturer has just formalized the new all-electric Explorer, which presents itself as “ a new electric vehicle that combines German engineering with an assertive American style ”. We will explain it to you.

An “American-style” Ford Explorer, but made in Europe… for Europe
This new Ford Explorer is intended to be the first in a wave of new electric vehicles for the manufacturer, which still aims to offer a range of fully electric passenger cars on the European market by 2030. However, one of the particularities of this Ford Explorer is to be the very first to be imbued with the American roots of the manufacturer, while constituting a 100% European model.

Concretely, this new Ford Explorer is the first electric vehicle (from Ford) to be built on a large scale in the new Ford electrification center in Cologne, Germany. It is made from the MEB platform provided by the Volkswagen group, the same as that used (among others) for the small ID.3.

Currently, Ford does not communicate the power of this upcoming model, but simply promises a range of around 500 km. This comes with the ability to fast charge from 10-80% in just 25 minutes.

Visually speaking, the Ford Explorer displays a futuristic look, marked by a new shield at the front, instead of the traditional grille. On board, there is the Sync Move 2 home infotainment system (Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible), as well as a very large 14.6″ touch screen.

The latter is installed vertically by default but can slide up to 30 degrees. A compartment for smartphones is also included, to allow iQ induction charging.

As standard, Ford announces heated front seats and steering wheel, a massaging driver’s seat, and a dual-zone air conditioning system, not to mention keyless on-board access. The Assisted Lane Change system, which allows you to change lanes at the touch of a turn signal button, and the Clear Exit Assist function, which warns of an approaching cyclist before opening the doors, will be included.

The new Explorer will be offered in standard and Premium versions and can be ordered later this year, at a price that should start under 45,000 euros according to Ford. For comparison, the cheapest Ford Mustang Mach-e model sold in France is available, in 2023, at a price of 61,650 euros.




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