Erin Payne: Get To Know More About Jake Johnson’s Wife

One disadvantage of being a celebrity wife beside the lack of privacy is that one would be subject to a whole lot of assumptions made by strangers who have no real idea what is truly going on with you. To further complicate things, some celebrity wives have made their union a reality show where a few others like Erin Payne, the beautiful wife of Jake Johnson, has chosen to maintain a low profile and guard her love life with the aim of protecting herself and family.

Erin Payne Data

Erin Payne is an elegant woman with a creative mind who has done an absolutely amazing job at keeping details of her marital life with her very famous husband under wraps and away from the hungry eyes of the media. Many have often wondered how she managed this feat and what she is up to. If you want the answers to the many questions about her, keep reading.

Who is Erin Payne? – Biography

Being a very private person, Erin Payne has not revealed much about her background and how she spent her childhood before she came to be associated with her famous husband. From the many unconfirmed reports making the rounds about her, it is speculated that the native of San Diego should be in her early 40s.

It is a known fact however that Erin Payne is well educated. She bagged a BFA in painting and drawing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2002. Years later in 2009, she acquired an MSc in Fine Arts from Claremont Graduate University. Having passed through several pieces of training in art from her Alma Mata, Erin Payne has excelled as an American craftsman and painter. She has gained expertise with her craft and has been rewarded with the New American Painting Reading Choice Award in 2012.

Having proven herself to be quite adept at what she does, Erin Payne has showcased her painting works at several painting exhibitions in venues like the Los Angeles Contemporary, OBJCT Gallery, Ray, Groundspace Project e.t.c She has also worked with other well known skilled painters like John O’Brien, Cole James and the rest of them.

Erin Payne’s Family – Husband and Children

As mentioned earlier, there is no splatter of information regarding the painter’s immediate family; who her parents are or if she has any siblings. Meanwhile, the only family associated with Erin Payne is the one she shares with Jake Johnson.

It is not certain when Erin met Jake or even how long they dated, but the two got married in 2006. According to Jake’s admissions, they met a while before his foray into Hollywood and long before his acting career kicked off. Erin apparently stood by him while he worked hard at seeing his acting career kick off and begin to yield good results.

Jake Johnson is an actor and comedian who was born on the 28th of May, 1978 in Evanston Illinois to Ken Weinberger and Eve Johnson. His mother is a craftswoman same as his father who is a craftsman. Since his career took off, Jake has appeared in high grossing movies like Jurassic World, Burrowing for Flame, Redbelt, Service, Paper Heart, No strings attached, and a lot more. Likewise, he has featured on the small screen in Television programs like Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Unit, No Activity, and We Bare Bears.

Erin Payne’s marriage to Jake has seen to the birth of twin children Rachel and Johnson whom they welcomed sometime in 2014. The exact date and month of birth of the twins is not public knowledge. The family is said to live an impeccable lifestyle in their home.

Facts About Jake Johnson’s Wife

Erin Payne Net Worth

Payne has accumulated a fortune from her painting deals. Sadly, she is yet to unveil the details of her financial value. On the other hand, her husband is said to have a net worth of $20 million.

Erin Payne Social Media Presence

Erin Payne is active on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter but even while she is at it, she has been very careful about giving away too much info about her personal life and details about her husband’s agenda.

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