Where is jerry lee lewis now?

Where is jerry lee lewis now?
jerry lee lewis

Jerry Lee Lewis, born September 29, 1935, is an American singer, songwriter, and pianist. Lewis was called the killer. He was later described as “rock n’ roll’s first great wild man and one of the most influential pianists of the 20th century”.

A pioneer of rock ‘n’ roll and rockabilly music, Killer made his first recordings in 1956 with Sun Records in Memphis. Where Crazy Arms sold 300,000 copies in the South, but it was his hit “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On” that propelled Lewis to worldwide fame.

However, the killer’s rock and roll career faltered after his marriage to Myra Gale Brown, his 13-year-old cousin.

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Where is Jerry Lee Lewis now?

Jerry Lee Lewis is still alive at the age of 87, he is still with his seventh wife, Judith, whom he married in 2012.

In 2019, he suffered a massive stroke while at his home in Nesbit, Mississippi. The stroke caused mobility difficulties and many thought he would not even survive.

Does Jerry still make music?

In 1986 he was first inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Despite his various arrests and tax troubles, Lewis still performs and records.

Can Jerry still play the piano?

Lewis can play the piano again after suffering a stroke in 2019 that paralyzed his right hand.

Is Jerry Lee Lewis still married to his cousin?

Rock ‘n’ roll legend Lewis is still married to his seventh wife, the ex-wife of a cousin whose sister married Lewis when she was 13. After this marriage, his rock ‘n’ roll career began to falter.

Did Jerry have a stroke?

In February 2019, Lewis suffered a stroke at his home in Nesbit, Mississippi, although his team described the stroke as mild but he had mobility issues.

Are Jerry Lee Lewis and Jimmy Swaggart Related?

Lewis and Jimmy Swaggart are cousins, with Lewis being the first cousin.

How old is Jerry Lee Lewis?

He was born on September 29, 1935 and in 2022 he will be 87 years old.