Tony Bennett Wife: Susan Crow, Patricia Beech

There’s no doubt that Tony Bennett is one of the most well-known and celebrated singers of our time. With a career that spans more than five decades, he’s married three times and has four children. In this article, we’ll take a look at his history and how it has impacted his singing career.

Known as one of the most legendary singers in pop and jazz, Tony Bennett, 95, has lived a very successful life in the music industry, but he’s also lived a life of love over the years. The singer has been married three times, including his marriage to his current wife Susan Crow, 55, and has been in the spotlight each time.

The marriage also produced four children, making Tony an enthusiastic father. Find out more about Susan and her background with Tony below, as well as Tony’s two ex-wives.

Susan Crow

Tony and Susan married in 2007 after beginning a relationship in the 1980s. She has worked as a school teacher and admits to being a longtime big fan of her husband. Tony was 40 years his junior and revealed he once took a picture with Susan’s parents, Marion and Dayl Crow, at a show in San Francisco when his mother was pregnant with her in 1966.

“As fate would have it, Marion was pregnant with…Susan! It’s a photo we’ll all laugh at, knowing the incredible turn of events that followed,” she wrote in her memoir Just Getting Started, published in 2016.

He also spoke about how she went to his concert when she was only nineteen and that was the beginning of their romance. “When he was nineteen he had tickets to see me at the San Francisco Masonic Temple and asked to greet me backstage after the show, probably without waiting for an answer,” he explained in the book. “They sent me the application and it tickled me that someone my age was so interested in my music. Not only did I agree to say hello backstage, but I asked her to be my date for the night, and that’s really how it all started…predicted by a backstage photo from 1966.

In addition to being Tony’s wife, Susan has also been his caregiver since he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. He announced the news in February 2021, and Susan spoke about the challenge in an interview with AARP. “There’s a lot I miss about him because he’s not the old Tony anymore,” he said in the interview. “But when he sings, he’s old Tony.”

Sandra Grant Bennett

Tony’s second wife was Sandra Grant. Sandra worked as an actress in the 1965 film The Oscar, in which she also starred, and apparently, that was how she met the talented star. They began an affair and lived together before marrying in 1971. The former lovebirds welcomed two daughters during their love affair, including Joanna in 1970 and Antonia in 1974 before their split in 1979. Their divorce was not finalized until 2007.

Patricia Buche

Tony married his first wife, Patricia Beech, in 1952. The duo met after one of his shows when she was an art student, according to Glamor Path. They made headlines during their wedding when thousands of female Tony fans stood outside the wedding venue while “crying” and dressed in black. However, the ex-husband and ex-wife didn’t let that stop them from beginning their life together and welcoming two sons, including D’Andrea in 1954 and Daegel in 1955. They separated in 1965 and eventually settled divorced in 1971.

The singer has been married three times, including his marriage to his current wife Susan Crow, 55, and has been in the spotlight each time. However, their relationships haven’t always been pristine; Tony cheated on Crow with two of his ex-wives. Regardless of how smoothly or tumultuously these romances unfolded though, the fact that both Susan and Tony were able to stay together for so long is a testament to their love and respect.